Wednesday, May 18, 2011

FEMA's Animal Pharm

Here is another project for you tech' savvy lovers of liberty. Set up a website where Americans can log-in and say if FEMA is conducting any activities in their region. FEMA is always deployed whenever disasters occur - man made done intentionally or otherwise.

The traitors had FEMA in New York the night before 9/11, scheduled to conduct a drill the following morning where planes would be flown into the World Trade Towers by terrorists. Did the agency just get lucky to be in the right place at the right time? If you believe so then you probably have a very dim understanding of statistical probabilities and regularly play the LOTTO because you are convinced you are going to win very soon.

You are "pharm" animals without souls in the eyes of our globalist rulers. They always send in their ranch hands to minimize the possibility of stampede when they are culling the herd. Even though humans are not farm animals, most people have little understanding of the ways that they are being exploited by the ruling banking class of mostly foreigners. So because the majority of people do have this trait in common with all farm animal, the elites feel perfectly fine with treating us both the same. We are dumb enough to allow these people "pharmers" to exploit us using the most obvious rudimentary scams so this confirms to the rulers that we deserve whatever treatment they choose to dish out.

In short, the modern people pharmers are far worse than the royalty of old and new alike. The royals had a kingdom to run that had to be defended from other kingdoms. So there was some mutual needs between the subjects and the sovereign. Sadly, today's hidden rulers feel no allegiance to a nation or a need for any particular groups of humans. The elites have themselves convinced that they are enlightened visionaries and we are a genetic sub form of human that can and must be exploited for the good of the planet. This includes eliminating us as well because the elites have big plans for the earth which won't include most of us. Very soon what you know will mean nothing. Who you know with a good bomb shelter with lots of suppliers will mean everything.

It's ironic that these "enlightened ones" like Prince Charles, Rockefeller and Rothschild want to save the planet by unleashing toxins, germs, nuclear weapons and even the weather to save the earth from people. The tricky part is to not cause a stampede once the final solution becomes too obvious to ignore even by the feeblest of people. Humans, unlike animals, will revolt once they realize they are being lined up for elimination. Animals just follow one by one into the slaughter house unaware of their fate until it's their turn.


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