Saturday, May 21, 2011

Each New Lie

The networks and criminals in the U.S. government have been so busy lying over the past few decades that they haven't notice the cumulative effect of their deceit. Everyday more people here and around the world realize this truth. How?

Here are just two examples where the liars lied to everyone including experts in the field of the lie. When the traitors imploded three skyscrapers on 9/11 just about everyone bought the official dog wag fable that cave Arabs pulled it off with jet fuel. However, architects, building engineers, scientists, explosives experts and the like who were not on a government payroll all immediately knew these towers were taken down with explosives. Some began asking questions but found themselves fired from their jobs for doing so and many were actually murdered. But all this did was confirm the worst fears of the other experts. Many formed a group call Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Thanks to their efforts many other non experts like yours truly were made aware the ugly truth about this inside attack by filthy traitors.

Also the just released birth certificate has been accepted as Gospel by many people though folks are getting suspicious of everything governmental claims these days. However some like topographers, desktop publishers, Photo-shop experts, etc. knew right off that the document was fake. I have worked in these fields a good part of my life. So I snatched the electronic document off the White House website and took a look. Immediately I saw damning evidence proving the document was a fraud. This was repeated by countless others working in this industry. We don't know many things but we know the birth certificate is a fake.

The emperors don't realize how naked they have become because they are so busy thinking up the next lie to cover for the previous ones. They think themselves so clever. They fail to notice the cumulative effect of their lies. Once you know you have been deceived by networks and government you cannot ever trust them again. I literally don't believe a word they say. If the networks say the sun will come up this morning I'd have to look out the window to make sure it was so. Today everybody knows the government and network media lies to them but many think it's for their own good. Those who noticed the just mentioned lies understand these lies are a cover-up of high crimes and treason. Those involved are criminals and enemies of America who must be stopped. We are at a tipping point where enough Americans realize the truth so something is going to happen one way or the other.

The traitors are boxed into a corner like the vipers they are. There is absolutely no way they can retreat. Therefore, they must strike out at us and they must do it soon or they are finished. Once the dam of lies breaks the traitors will be swept away in the melee. Cracks in their wall of deceit have become apparent to me. There is division and dissent at the top. Soon this gang of murderous scoundrels will be fatally betrayed from within as various players are positioning themselves to save their own asses. The networks know they have to ride these lies because to do otherwise would seal their fate. Many in the halls of power who had nothing to do with the treason have kept quiet for fear of losing their jobs or life. But they leak the truth nonetheless.

Will the birth certificate be the snag that causes the final big run? I don't believe the current criminal power structure controlled by foreign bankers can continue the charade much longer so something big must be done soon or they are finished. The traitors control the most nuclear weapons on the planet. They have the most toxic chemical and biological weaponry. They may be able to effect the weather and plate tectonics. They control all network television broadcasts and national newspapers. So if they don't actually use one of the weapons at their disposal they can always fake another Gulf of Tomkin incident.

Here is something to think about traitors. If you try to pull off the next staged attack, how certain are you that others inside will go along with the treason this time now that so many know you are stinking traitors?


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