Friday, May 20, 2011

A Birther And A Truther

I don't care what clever labels traitors like Chris Mathews or Bill O'Reilly smear me with because they are both professional liars or a couple of the stupidest people ever. I can't say for certain because I have no first hand knowledge. They broadcast some of the most ridiculous nonsense that defies scientific and physical reality. So they come up with catchy little junior high school names to tag people like me who dare question them.

I noticed right away the Obama birth certificate, just released after a few years of asserting that the Notice of Live Birth was the birth certificate, that the document had numerous questionable areas not questioned by ANY person in the media like Chrissy and Billy. Instead the duo sling mud and call me a "birther," for wanting an answer. The most pressing question about this forged document is the presents of computer generated "kerned" lettering on a supposedly typewriter generated birth certificate. This is the easiest aspect of the forgery for Americans to understand if they stop helping the networks smear me for asking this naked emperor question. Kerned lettering was only made possible by modern computer generated documents and consists of lettering that occupies the same vertical space on the page. It's done because it looks nice, conserves space and make it easier to read. Typewriters on the other hand put each letter in its own spot on the page from left to right. Kerning did not exist in 1960 yet there it is on Obama's birth certificate. It like telling me Ford Model T's came with cruise control and satellite navigation. So I'm a birther for noticing then daring to question these emperors.

Then once I realized 9/11 defied gravity and the laws of motion established a few hundred years ago by Sir Issac Newton I again dare question our noble emperors of government and media. Instead of giving me an explanation of how the only three steel frame skyscraper ever in history fell at free fall speed onto their own footprint from fires, they call me a truther. I'm supposed to be insulted for advocating honesty?

These are childish tactics from school days but they so far have been effective for the emperors of lying. Chrissy and Billy are some of the BS'ERS.


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