Thursday, May 19, 2011

Explaining Radiation Danger Misconception

How doth the government lie to thee? Let me count the ways. Nah... There is not enough time. But here is one very dangerous lie that's going to kill many of your children. The lie is how the official liars in government explain radiation dangers over their official lying network media.

Basically, the dangers your kids face is ingesting radioactive material and not so much simply being around radiation like chest X-rays. That's what statistics show. However when government is assuring parents that this level of radiation or that is safe what they are saying is radiation on the outside of the body like we are exposed to everyday from the sun.

The real danger radiation poses is when a nuclear plant like Fukushima explodes then constantly belches radioactive "MATERIAL" like uranium, cesium, plutonium, etc. These particles have become air born then are carried by the wind all across the planet. If your children inhale even the tiniest bit of these deadly radioactive toxins or drink a bit of it in their milk then they will be dead as a doornail in a decade or so from an excruciatingly painful cancer death.

Way to go mom! Keep listening to these murderers lying to you over the networks. You are child abuse enablers.


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