Monday, May 16, 2011


In the video below Ben Bernanke is confronted about him selling out America at the Bilderberg meeting a few years back in Virginia. Basically he and the globalist bankers decided they would destroy the American economy making us desperate and willing to accept their next currency scam. The new money will be electronic and global. He is a filthy traitor and looks the part. In a word he looks "guilty."

Look if you think the main stream media or your politicians will inform you about this treason then at this point you are stupid as a rock and no longer capable of thinking logically. However, if you can easily see as I do this take down of our republic then you better get off your ass and spread the word. The networks are in on the corruption so we have to do as Cubans do on the island. They all know their media is complete bullshit so the people rely on "radio bemba." That's word of mouth from one neighbor to the next. I've completely shut off the networks now, which they know since I receive digital video, and see no reason to do otherwise.

Once you look into the activities of these sellout traitors their previous crimes surface like a dead body on the lake. They have to complete their globalist plans and finish neutralizing the American public or the vipers will pay for their crimes. It's them against you and your kids and grand kids. You can still have an effect on who lives and who dies. If you love your children then do not let their future be destroyed by these vipers. Spread the word...



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