Wednesday, January 12, 2011

God Is Smarter Than You Think

God has placed all the tools mankind requires to lead a peaceful, prosperous and enjoyable life. God has arranged the universe including the earth so as to punish evil while rewarding benevolence.

One enormous example is cannabis. This little herb was placed on the earth by God for many reasons but the main one was to expose the evil people of the world while lighting the way to righteousness for the good people. How could this be?

Small evil groups of oligarchs have existed since the beginning and they use the people for their own exploitative advantage. The banking/corporate war machine oligarchy complete with all of their underlings in the enforcement elite have for longer than I've been around milked us for labor while we are young, strong and productive. But we allow them to do so because they promise to care for us in our old age and to protect us from harm. The reality is all the days of our youth while they take the fruits of our labor they are secretly poisoning us with crap like aspartame and swearing it's just fine for us. Hell, they almost just killed my 90 year old mother by giving her a cocktail of twenty some odd drugs that besides killing her were making her nuts. My family intervened, took her to live with my sister Kathy who is a registered nurse and stopped the medication. Mom's condition has improved dramatically as a result and she is her old self again. So if you think these apparatchiks who must give mom several thousand dollars in retirement each month as well as free doctoring while she's still living would not kill her off then may God have mercy on your blissful souls. These snakes don't have the money to pay these obligations now as it is and we baby boomers are only just now starting to retire.

As for marijuana, these evil ones in charge for so long pretending to be compassionate but in reality are the most evil scum imaginable, know damn well that pot is not bad for you. The truth is just the opposite - it's good for you. No, not sitting around non stop puffing it 24/7. No medication or food can be taken to extreme or it will kill you. Well not marijuana per se. No one has ever overdosed - EVER! But still you'll sit around dazed eating doing nothing if you're stoned out of your mind.

But a puff or two here and there is good for the health. Perhaps a few tokes before bed. Maybe when one is feeling stressed. In moderation marijuana is just what the doctor should order. It is finally coming out that pot kills cancer. Pot smokers already knew this. Smoking pot is like a secret underground club with secret language and actions. We all know that none of us get cancer and at the same time watch all of our non smoking straight friends or those that only rarely dabble in the weed drop right and left from cancer. Pot smokers today are like the Christians in Roman times - persecuted. But in our persecution we demonstrate where the evil is.

Yes marijuana has thrown a big monkey wrench into the plans of the evil ones in charge who most Americans still believe in and think are good people. That's because despite all of the poisons and deadly elixirs the evil rulers adulterate our food, water and medicine with, the pot smokers are not getting cancer like the other victims. Now our secret underground aging army is not dying from the cancers the oligarchy had hope to inflict on us. So they will try other means to bump us off before the rest of you non smokers wise up. The truth is the CIA moves most imported marijuana into the country as well as the other narcotics. They make big black ops bucks doing this.

So please stop killing marijuana smokers, jailing and destroying their lives because they want to live a more healthy, happy, longer life. The evil ones destroying America are also the persecutors of marijuana smokers. If America does not see this evil very soon we will all be destroyed. Thank God for marijuana.


Blogger stuartbramhall said...

Catherine Austin Fitts talks about government narcotics trafficking starting around 1913 (see - modeled on the British use of opium to colonize China and India. She says this related to a plan to shift from a government owned bank to a Federal Reserve (where the government borrows the money it spends from private banks). She says the role of the narcotics trafficking is to contain the government debt that results (we have had a national debt continuously since 1913). She also says this was the main reason marijuana, cocaine, and opium derivatives were made illegal in 1913 - you can only profit from narcotics trafficking if you create a black market for the stuff.

In my recent memoir THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY ACT: MEMOIR OF AN AMERICAN REFUGEE (, I write about my own scary encounter with street level government informant types who were dealing drugs in Seattle's senior subsidized housing buildings. I currently live in exile in New Zealand.

7:06 PM  
Blogger Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

I will post anything you have to say because people need to hear what you have to say.

11:24 PM  

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