Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gun Control Nonsense

The fact remains there are not enough police to patrol every nook and cranny of society to prevent us from being killed or maimed by criminals including criminals who actually work for the government. Remember, corrupt politicians and police are a fact of "Delay" life as Tom can surely attest from behind bars. When criminals damage us the government is not held liable for failing to protect us.

So if any individual wants to remain unarmed and at the mercy of these criminals then that's fine and your martyrdom is greatly appreciated by the rest of us. However, it is a bit much to expect others to make this same sacrifice on the altar of passivism. Any adult sane law abiding individual should have the right to pack a hidden or holstered weapon.

Once this is the American way again then picture in your mind even the most insane individual thinking about committing mass murder with a gun that he will acquire no matter what the law says. He looks around for victims but sees most people packing a holstered pistol, perhaps a few rifles plus he has to know many in the crowd have concealed weapons too. Most likely he will think twice about committing the crime and even if he goes ahead he's a dead man against an armed population. The same holds true for government tyrants.


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