Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Explaining The Unexplainable In Arizona

First it is obvious that the Tucson mass murderer is insane. However, even the insane can see reality and facts. It's just that they do not know how to respond appropriately when reality happens and often act in bizarre ways.

Secondly, I now discover this nut had stumbled onto the truth about what happened on 9/11. That truth surrounds the fact that the official government story is hogwash because it is not congruent with the science of physics and the laws of motion. That's why over 1200 top architects and building engineers are demanding a new investigation. These experts know beyond all doubt that the speed of the collapse of the three towers could only be successfully done using controlled demolition with expertly placed military grade high explosives. These were high security buildings under the control of the federal government that is covering up these facts with the complicit aid of the network media and national newspapers.

When I found out these undeniable scientific facts in 2006 it made me a bit frantic. When one realizes that our government has a band of rogues operating inside who obviously have committed mass murder and have covered it up to say the least one gets a bit edgy. But I'm not crazy. Therefore, I began doing rational things to deal with this grave situation threatening my country and loved ones. I realized the vast majority of people with government jobs were not in on the treason. The vile act was perpetrated by a traitorous group of rogues operating within the secret police and some military intelligence as well as foreigners too. In addition I researched the history blacked out by the complicit television networks and national newspapers. I found these scoundrel have been doing this treason for decades and even murdered the Kennedy's and M.L.K. The Gulf of Tomkin Incident never happened and resulted in over 50,000 G.I. dead along with a million Vietnamese and other South East Asians. So if you think theses sick filth would shed a tear over 3000 murdered Americans think again.

Finally, let me say these rogues are frantic to keep this covered up. The latest TV network smear is if you even examine the evidence of treason and high crimes over the 9/11 fraud then you must be crazy like Loughner. It will backfire and be what finishes the rogues off. Why? It's the same reason people slow down to have a look at the traffic accident. So when the media says Loughner watched the film "Loose Change" these traitorous idiot don't realize it will cause million of Americans to do likewise. That's bad news for the rogues who may have just booked themselves a date at the end of the traitor's noose. Loose Change, if it doesn't outright convince the viewer that treason occurred on 9/11 it damn sure will prod them to investigate further. The more you investigate the more incriminating it is for the traitors. The only thing left to do is know all of their names - every one of them and not just the suspects. A real investigation not under the control of the actual traitors would easily uncover all the guilty parties.

But let me warn everyone. Don't let learning the truth about 9/11 make you crazy. Let it make you rational, courageous and determined to seek justice for the victims. The alternative is to do nothing and wait till the rogues do it again perhaps to you or one of your loved ones next time.


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