Monday, January 10, 2011


The use of violence or the threat of violence for political purposes is terrorism. The Arizona shooter seems like a nut with no coherent political agenda except for his theories on grammar usage. So he is merely an insane criminal but not a terrorist. The U.S. government has troops in many countries killing and maiming innocent people for political purposes. As such the U.S. government is a terrorist organization.

In addition, the U.S. secret police regularly assassinate foreigners and Americans as well in order to forward a political agenda. This fact is not debatable and is official policy. Obama has claimed the power to have anyone that he alone has deemed as an enemy of America to be murdered without being charged with a crime, tried, convicted or sentenced. Apparently, this is the same notion held by the Arizona shooter that he could murder anyone that he himself deemed an enemy. Now apparently the media, the government and those on the left with respect to the Loughner murders and on the right with respect to the Obama murders, blame others for these murders rather than the killers themselves.

In the case of the Arizona murders, this Loughner cat everyone agrees is a nut. But rather than blame the guy who pulled the trigger, the usual suspects blamed Sarah Palin, the gold standard, Constitutionalists, gun owners, etc. The reality of the Arizona tragedy is we are all being hunted everyday for various reasons. We are hunted by criminals who want to rob us. We are hunted by psychopaths who wish to harm or kill us for countless insane reasons. We are hunted by a corrupt government that farms us like cows and sheep while pretending to protect us. So the real tragedy is Americans actually allow themselves to be hunted while for the most part remaining functionally unarmed. In effect, they bring persuasion to gun fights against government rogues and private criminals alike. They are tragically ignorant.

The Obama murders are blamed on Islamic radicals who force Obama to have to kill countless admitted innocents who have done nothing wrong but being in the wrong place at the wrong time. These murder victims include many women and children blown to bit and vaporized by our taxpayer funded drones. Any taxpayers supporting these murders is in fact a co-conspirator in these killings and as such a terrorist.

Of course I see clearly that both Loughner and Obama are cold blooded murderers although Loughners is nowhere near as prolific a killer as Obama. There is rarely a day that goes by without drones flying over Pakistan firing missiles that murder people not charged with a crime - on Obama's orders. Sadly the enemy television networks air video reports around the clock emphasizing the Arizona murders yet barely mention the Obama murders. Naturally, all Obama murders are completely sanitizes from their enemy networks.

Among the scapegoats given for the Arizona nut pulling the trigger were people like me who state clearly and truthfully who my enemies are as well as what should be done to defeat them. As stated those enemy include private individuals and groups as well as a controlling ruling shadow government within the secret police who wish to kill and otherwise control us for their profit.

So I can see why they want to blame me. I'm trying to defeat these murderers. They are beatable too but only if the rest of you farmed animals and game animals wise up.


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