Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Hook In The Nose

I've always hated to be predictable in any way. Being predictable allows one to be fooled by those with evil intent.

That is why I'm not one to get into silly national squabbles about boogie men on the left and the right. Even the notion of left and right is ridiculous. It is based on being forced into one emotional group or the other if one is political at all. The force is exerted through television screens presenting images in such a way as to create these political poles of opposition. For example my brother watches FOX and my sister MSNBC. When they get together the jargon they deploy against the others political ideology is right out of the tube giving answers to the wrong questions. When I give my two cents coming from the television blacked out libertarian perspective the two of them often gaze at me as if I'm from outer space. Why is this so?

The fact is my relatives get all their news from the television set. The fact is all the picture and sound shown and not shown on television is controlled by six corporations who are closely affiliated. My siblings apparently have never use the enormous wealth of information available on the Internet for anything more than shopping convenience or silly Facebook games. In effect they have been very predictable then manipulated right into the two camps of political ignorance occupied by most people today. Humans have not yet learned how they have been mass manipulated for the past half century by television. So they continue to battle each others two chosen straw men rather than looking into what is really happening in the world today. With television the producers pick a tiny slice of the world and blow it up to the size of the universe 24 hours a day until the next chosen story.

Well Tomas doesn't play their games anymore. You won't find me discussing the topics of the day presented by the enemy networks because I won't be manipulated by them like in the old days. If the TV is on a "news" channel the sound is muted normally. When I permit the sound I'm waiting to hear what I expect to hear to to verify my predictions about the media talking points they will deploy.

Yes for me the tables have been turned. The media no longer predicts and manipulates me. However, the enemy networks become more predictable for me every second. That's real damaging because now I can tell friends and family what the enemy television networks and national newspapers will claim before they can cue up one of their talking heads. It acts like a land mind for the mind when the commentator steps on some jargon that I've already warned would be coming from them.

So if you are like most people and never read a paper or watch the news on television or do any more research that price shopping then you are totally uninformed. However, if you are still watching the TV news and reading national newspapers like the Mockingbird Washington Post or the lying NY Times then you are being misinformed and manipulated. Better get that hook of ignorance out of your nose before you allow yourself to be pulled to a place that you are not going to like.


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