Thursday, November 25, 2010

History Of Our Intelligence Elite & The TSA

As usual, the oligarchy has Americans debating nonsense about the TSA. Lets get right to the heart of the matter and reexamine the history of the top dogs who are responsible for our protection.

In the late 1940s the National Security Act created our secret police apparatus initially consisting of the CIA. They got right to business overthrowing the prime minister of Iran because he had a mind to steal back the Iranian oil fields which the British had originally stolen during the UK's colonial occupation of Iran. It worked too for several decades meaning the oil was flowing west with the foreign bankers raking in the profits under the Shah of Iran's rule.

Just when things appear rosy up pops Fidel Castro in Cuba...but the CIA had plans for him. But none seem to work so they come up with this scheme during the Eisenhower administration to get the growing number of exiles to launch an attack at the Bay of Pigs. Then Kennedy got elected and instead of being a hawk he saw the writing on the wall. When the Cuba invasion resulted in fiasco Kennedy was determined to smash the CIA apart because they had become a shadow government with power over the elected civilian government. Kennedy was not going along with the program with respect to Southeast Asia either.

Then Kennedy even goes as far as talking with the Soviet leadership during the Cuban missile crisis and smooths the entire affair without so much a firing a warning nuke over the heads of Muscovite's. That was the final outrage for the CIA who now felt this president was a traitor for not risking the American people to a total nuclear war. Plus Kennedy also ordered the Treasury to begin issuing silver money challenging the currency monopoly of the Federal Reserve Board's foreign bankers. So they jumped onto the kill Kennedy bandwagon along with Lyndon Johnson who just wanted to be president. The Zapruder film shows rather clearly, despite the FBI's best 1963 efforts, that Kennedy was shot from several directions a distance away but the fatal shot came from his limo driver who turned in his seat and capped Kennedy with an exploding shellfish toxin pellet delivered from an air pistol. Americans, though suspicious, bought the story because it was confirmed on TV.

The networks had become propaganda tools of the CIA and were instrumental in their next operation. It was a completely made up, tail-wags-the-dog, conflict that never occurred but was broadcast as fact over all the networks of which there were three at the time. Supposedly the Vietnamese had fired on our destroyer in the Gulf of Tomkin. It never happened which even the complicit networks now admit but this TV lie led to over 50,000 dead GI's and millions of dead humans in Indochina.

With all the ensuing presidents after Kennedy's elimination the CIA got basically what it wanted. When the Israelis and the Arabs went to war in the late 60's the CIA and President Johnson, as an insurance policy should Israel be losing, decided to have unmarked Israeli jets repeatedly fire on the USS Liberty in the Mediterranean. In fact Johnson was heard to scream, "I want that ship at the bottom of the goddamn Mediterranean Sea!" But the tough American ship stayed afloat, the surviving officers and crew were given medals to shut up about the facts, and the whole incident was blamed on mistaken identity by the victorious Israelis who didn't need to blame the Egyptians for bombing the American ship giving the U.S. the excuse to invade and save Israel from defeat.

Through the 1970's and 80's the American secret police murdered and bombed and committed acts of treason domestically and genocide overseas. They were destabilizing government's all over the world. CIA bombings were big in Europe so it could be blamed on "leftist" sympathizers.

Then, our secret police agencies had their worst nightmare come true. Their number one boogieman, the USSR, collapsed. So they formulated an entirely new boogieman, the Muslim radical. This was especially convenient since the CIA needed to invade oil rich Arab nations
to get the oil necessary to hide the inflation by the agency's allies - the foreign bankers controlling the Federal Reserve Board. CIA funding depended on fiat inflation as well as their black ops revenue derived from sex trafficking, drugs, arms sales, etc.

When one of the CIA's stooge presidents, Clinton, was getting flack from a growing militia movement and constitutionalists, they saved his presidency by loading a building full of federal sacrificial lambs in Oklahoma with high explosives killing even the children of these bureaucrats in a daycare located in the building. They blamed a patsy named Timothy who was in on the plot but not as a militia member. His sister claims he was working for U.S. intelligence.

All of this history aside, the CIA's crowning achievement was the 9/11 coup. They planted high explosives in three towers even though most Americans only think 2 buildings fell that day. But the CIA blew up their own building too because that was the command center from where they took down the twin towers. To throw off suspicion the traitors fired a missile into the Pentagon as well. If that fourth plane would have made it to its destination at the U.S. Capital building and taken out the Congress then all of the clues left behind by these traitors would not have mattered. Fortunately, the plane was shot down in PA and the coup was incomplete.

Still, the coup plotters got the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA each with gestapo like powers. The current CIA stooge president only on his orders can designate anyone a terrorist and have them imprisoned without trial, tortured and officially murdered. And you expect these guys to protect you?

Ask not what the TSA should do to protect you. Ask what you can do to smash the TSA, CIA, FBI, Homeland Security and all of the other secret police agencies responsible for so much bloody treason into a million unrecognizable pieces. It would be appropriated to arrest the traitors to American, try, convict and justly punish the scoundrels currently ruling over us.


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