Saturday, November 27, 2010

TSA Gropes Secretly Designed To Criminally Coerce

The big difference between today's corporate/state fascist thugocracy and Hitler's Nazi Germany is the Internet. In both cases the filthy slime operating officially in the halls of government direct the levers of tyranny in the dark.

These traitors to their own people slither around in the dark and operate in secret. But the reason these miserable excuses for people usually fail is because most people are good people. Good almost always rats out the bad.

This was the case with the MIAC report where the Department of Homeland Security labeled about half of the American public as domestic terrorists. Of course we were not meant to know about this fact. Fortunately there are many good people working honestly within the DHS and the numerous police agencies around the country. Someone from the inside leaked the MIAC report to the public then it hit the Internet and went viral. Americans in the majority now realized that their own tax funded government labeled us as terrorists. That is a two way street because we now look at the government as terrorists.

In fact the federal government has been caught again acting just like Nazis right down to their arrogance driven ignorance. They just don't get it. They feel they are so genetically superior to the rest of us apes, so righteous in their use of power over us that they feel as if they are a higher being like gods on earth. Another paper was leaked from Homeland Security which you might eventually hear about on the enemy television networks. Basically it sets out the policy with regards to these TSA scanners. Everyone who opts out of the scanner is being put through this sexual assault groping and humiliation intentionally to intimidate the rest of us into submitting to the TSA scanners. This official public humiliation and sexual assault policy is intentional despite claims of innocence from high TSA officials.

I believe willfully humiliating and sexually assaulting individuals for the purpose of coercing them to submit to the attacker's demands IS a crime. Up til this point the government has stated all of their suspect behavior was meant to protect Americans. Now in their own writing we learn that the TSA groping policy is meant to coerce and not protect. But you and I were never meant to know about it because it's a secret. was a secret but that's the beauty of the Internet combined with good people including those inside of government. They are our French Resistance undermining the fascists from the inside every time they leak the secret evil unAmerican plans of the traitors among us.

My thinking is everyone who submitted to the humiliating sexual assaults because they were told it was for their safety has a criminal and civil case against every single individual in the chain of command from the groper with the gloves right up to John Pistole the head of TSA. A class action suit is appropriate and some astute lawyers I am sure will jump on the TSA scum committing sexual assaults for the willful purpose of intimidation and coercion.


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