Friday, November 26, 2010

The Real Terrorists' Commercial Interests

The majority of Americans think the terrorists who want to attack us are in a gang called Al Qaeda which exists only because Americans are just so dang free that it really cheeses these Muslims off terribly.

However, this is utter nonsense and the timing of past attacks shows the real story. Take yesterday for example. All of the traveling Americans heading to their Thanksgiving destination were made to go through Nazi-like checkpoints to assure all were safe against Arab extremists. But I knew everyone was safe. How?

That was easy for me because I know who my real enemies are while a majority still remain clueless and in fear from all directions everywhere all the time. My real enemies depend on the commercially funded enemy television networks and they depend on sport's broadcasts, especially football. So naturally, yesterday being Thanksgiving with three NFL football games playing on the enemy networks it was a sure fire lock that everybody was safe against Arab extremists. You have to go back to the seventies to find an example of terrorism during a big sporting event and even that Olympic terror didn't actually harm the commercial advertising profits. It just delayed the revenue stream until the terrorists were finished and the games and ad revenue resumed naturally with even more fan interest because of the terrorism.

The fact is there has NEVER been an attack during "America's Game." Isn't that convenient? Imagine during a football game the broadcast cuts away to some horrible act of terrorism. Whoop...there it is. The ad revenue goes right down the drain as the football game continues but without the network broadcasting the sports spectacle because they have cut away to bring news of the terror. Even more terrifying than the terrorism would be thought of missing the game just to show a few thousand Americans getting murdered. In fact it could cause many American to want to declare war on somebody for missing the game - even Heidi.

Here is a tip for the bettors of the world. Take any bet at any odds that no terrorism occurs during an NFL football game. The same holds true for March Madness. Baseball also has been immune to terrorist times as has NASCAR. The NHL is a terrorism free sport along with the NBA. The fact is now that I have pointed this out no bookie in his right mind would take the American sports terrorism bet from here forward.

So with next year looking like an NFL strike/owner lock out year along with a canceled season I suspect any big terrorist attack or other staged event will most likely happen in the fall of 2011. Gamblers may want to bet on it if someone can be found stupid enough to take the bet. Until then most likely the terrorists will fiddle around and printer bomb us and go from one TSA controversy to another staged struggle. The public will be like kittens focused on fast moving events dangled in front of their eyes meant to distract and confuse but amuse those directing the distractions.

Mark my words. I warned back in 2006 the economy was heading south while experts like Ben Bernanke assured everybody that the economy never looked better. I warned we would have a swine flu outbreak a year or two before it happened. Just recently I warned that we would have false flag attacks before the election and bingo - out pops the printer cartridge bombs. So next year things look very ominous. You have to look at it this way. America has been the military whores for the foreign bankers who operate in collusion with our secret police agencies. All of our foreign policy for decades has been geared to protection of these banker's interests like in Iran where they lost the oil fields they had stolen during British occupation in colonial times. They are obsessed with getting them back. Because we have been whores doing the dirty work for the bankers militarily we should expect to be treated like whores and kicked to the curb now that the banksters have finished screwing us. Still, 300 million American whores can be a dangerous bunch to mess with if this brothel wises up to the truth. This means we definitely must be fractured and set against each other. America must be neutralized as a threat to the ruling western oligarchy even more so than the Chinese communist oligarchy. Although it is possible that the Chinese oligarchy will be instigated into war against the American people eliminating both of us as dangers to the western bankster oligarchy. They, along with the traitors allied with them in the American halls of government, have the very best bomb shelters and could hold out for years while the rest of us are extinguished on the surface.

So unless everybody wises up we have less than a year till the big event that will change the future of America forever.


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