Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dutch Scientists: WTC Imploded Using 100 Tons Of Explosives

Now the Dutch know pretty much what really happened on 9/11. But most Americans? No...they remain sadly duped by the real murderers and their co-conspirators in the big bankster media. Here is another piece of condemning evidence that you have never seen on American mass murderer television. Is everyone on TV guilty of the 9/11 murders? No...the vast majority of talking TV heads are merely duped. Look at the top for the list of those who need to be prosecuted then sent to the gallows along with the military and civilian ring leaders who actually pulled off the mass murder. The number of guilty parties will be in the hundreds to perhaps no more than a thousand if we stick to those who knew about the coup before it occurred. Since that time they have been aided by several thousands more criminal like the scoundrels at "Popular Mechanics" magazine who vomited up their faux report on 9/11 to give cover to the killers. Those criminals after that fact must do hard jail time.

This only takes ten minutes to view and it has English sub-titles. Do you have ten minutes, amigos, to see if you've been suckers for almost a decade? There is a good reason why Bin Laden has never been indicted by U.S. authorities. Look at this Dutch TV report then you will know the answer.


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