Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tomas Interprets Obama Speech

Yesterday, Obama said he understands that Americans are scared because of the economy. He says that is the reason Americans are not spending their money. He says that this was all caused by the sub prime lending mess and bad lenders and investors who didn't have enough regulation. He says that he can cut government spending by nationalizing health care.

However, his reasoning about health care being our biggest problem is based on the notion that the Medicaid/Medicare entitlement time-bomb will soon blow a huge hole in the federal budget. His answer: Create a brand new bureaucracy to take over health care responsibilities, not only for the poor and elderly, but everyone. He says this will make that government program become somehow efficient - you know sort of like the Post Office I suppose. But he keeps talking about standardizing "medical records" as the panacea for all health cost overruns. That to me sound like having a bio-chip branding your free range slave asses so you will be much easier to corral and milk for labor. Of course he is right about that and that alone. You will be much easier to track and extract once you have been chipped.

As for the sub prime mess he claims caused the problem along with under regulated lenders, he is one step past the actual root cause. As usual, Obama proves he is a tool of the international bankers just like George Bush was when he was president. He did not mention that the Federal Reserve lent out our labor output in the form of fake fiat reserve notes perhaps, a hundred times over to who knows whom. In other words, since these illegal bankers that Obama never brings up, have been lending out our labor instead of their gold they had no trouble over doing it a bit. Under that arrangement, no amount of regulation will protect the economy because the lenders will be rolling the dice gambling with our labor output. So a sub prime fiasco is the result. Perhaps the government will patch up some regulation that will stop that from happening again. But they will be a day late and shy of enough tax revenue to prevent the next misuse of our personal labor mal-invested by the banksters.

Finally, since we are not spending our money because the government along with their gang member, the Federal Reserve Board, has ruined the economy, Obama will spend it for us. Here is how that will work. Since we are holding our money to protect our family, Obama and the Federal Reserve Board are creating up zillions of new reserve notes and spending them for us. By now you must know that this reduces the value of all of our notes for which we depend on to base the value of our labor, purchases and items for sale. In short we call this "inflation."

All of this to save the "system." Obama has you suckered into believing that if the system fails you are doomed. But that is stupid and the sooner this criminal enterprise fails the sooner we become the owners of our country again. I might add that this will also mark the beginning of the extensive jail terms of the traitors to America. Americans will be using gold and silver again which they will save in local banks. Those local banks will lend out only a portion of those deposits and no more or be guilty of fraud. All debts owed to the Federal Reserve Board will be null and void freeing Americans from trillions of future labor output obligations as well as those of private industry.

To sum up, kill the system, abolish free range slavery and begin to own your time, body and money once more like real Americans. Are you all really dumb enough to go for world government, world currency and nationalized health care?


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