Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party?

People...have you gone mad? You are throwing away your own tea! When our forefathers did it they were using the tea that belonged to the British. Admit it people! You all feel good now and have gone back home feeling content. Then next election you'll belly up to the polls and vote for the same unAmerican scum who got us in this mess in the first place. You have to because the media tells you to and lambastes you for wasting your vote if you choose to vote for one of the none media anointed candidates.

The trouble you face, amigos, is you still only see with the eyes of the big bankster media. You can only hear what they assert to be the truth and you have lost all ability to think for yourselves. Maybe I'm wrong and I sure hope I am. But recent history being what it is and all...

Look...if you want to do something positive put your tea bags in hot water. Put your politicians in hot water by refusing to vote for the maggots. Find out who the pro Constitution candidates are and only vote for them. If the big media is giving any sort of coverage to a particular candidate that probably disqualifies that person to be your representative. Your choice America is so easy today. Provided you do not live in Congressman Ron Paul's district you must fire your Congressman and U.S. Senator at the next opportunity. You should also fire your state representatives and governor too unless they can prove to you they are avowed constitutionalists with a track record of doing so. As for Tomas, every person who represents me will not get my vote - as usual.

If you guys would have been voting with me all these years we wouldn't be in this mess now. But you didn't want to waste your vote. Remember?


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