Saturday, April 18, 2009

This Left/Right Nonsense

Amigos! You are being gamed by the oligarchy. The latest example of these grudge matches is the warming relations between Obama and the Castro/Chavez oligarchy. This windmill ought to keep exiles whipped into a lather as each side of the issue tries to slay the other.

What this means usually is, say I condemn one of numerous violations of the U.S. Constitution or even outright criminal felonious behavior by former President Bush. Do you immediately think, " you're an Obama supporter are you?" Admit it! This is what comes to almost everyone's thinking. It is how you have been television programmed to look at the world - from two fake points of view so the real dynamics of the question du joir are never discussed.

I watched two TV talking heads this week debating the income tax question supposedly from opposing points of view. However, both still supported an income tax! It's just one guy only wanted a flat tax. You know, like the one we had back in 1913 that was only 2% and fortunately was only levied on the rich. But somehow that became a fat tax even robbing the poorest Americans. Neither debater even broached the subject of a site value tax based on the location value of land. Hey there you go lefties. How about debating with the righties the morality of sharing the earth with each other since none of us invented the stuff and it doesn't look like we're going to make anymore any time soon? Now you righties can agree with the lefties demand for more equality sharing the land but they must agree to keep their paws off your income and capital gains.

You see? There is a real debate. Those TV pro wrestling-type "debates" made for you on the stupid tube are meant to keep the mob whipped into a lather rather than have any meeting of the minds. Therefore, you are a traditional family or pro gay. You favor having a military empire spread all over the globe, or you gather in small to moderate crowds and chant, "what do we want? We don't know... When do we want it? We're not certain..." Maybe you like owning a gun or you think that a law should be passed to outlaw guns because you ignorantly believe a law will make guns dematerialize and then we'll live in harmony. You are pro drug war. You are anti drug war. Tobacco should be outlawed. No - smoking is a right! Save the earth! The global warming sky is falling! No it isn't, you idiot! It's freezing outside and we creep closer each year to the next ice age. Pick your made for TV poison, amigos.

I could go on and on for days giving you lefties and righties more examples while you munch your Wheaties. However, the best one is this Department of Homeland Security report on domestic terrorism. Among other non violent American groups of individuals, the report singles out returning veterans as possible terrorist suspects. Nowhere does it even mention Hamas or Al Qaeda or Hezbollah. Seeing an opening in the Obama defenses the right Republicans rushed in and cried bloody murder.

But here's the thing amigos. That report was made during the Bush days over a year ago and we can prove it. If you would ever bother to take a look and think analytically rather than be programmed to think anal-litically over the TV set then you'd wise up fast. The good news is our oligarchy is screwing up badly and they appear more obvious everyday. But only if you look with an open mind.

Get off this fake left/right fight. You have been played for too long amigos.


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