Thursday, April 16, 2009

Homeland Security Smear

In the video seen below there is a discussion of Homeland Security's secret document identifying domestic terrorist threats. The brief version is disturbing to say the least. But I have a feeling the full version will knock your fascist socks off. Why? Well the brief one that got out named people opposing abortion and veterans, if you can believe it, as potential terrorists. I think they have a problem with us Constitutionalists as well.

However, if this secret document is as bad as I think it is then many individuals within the Brownshirt Homeland Security Administration are very shocked at who is being smeared for future persecution. The Nazis did the same sort of thing with the Jews using films such as "The Eternal Jew" which forwarded the notion that Jews were somehow rat-like and should be exterminated for the good of the planet. It wasn't long before they began doing just that. Now you combine that with the absolute fact that the ruling oligarchy in America today has direct connections to the Nazi Party as well as holding firm belief in that sick eugenic system based on them getting to decide who is worthy of life - and a guy like me gets kind of nervous.

I sure wish that secret document would fall into the hands of the alternative Internet media somehow. I'm positive there are thousands of dedicated Americans working for Homeland Security out there who recognize this smear document for what it is - ruthless propaganda meant to demonize patriotic, nonviolent Americans so they may be eliminated if necessary.

Remember, if you are thinking of exposing this smear, do not give the document to anyone connected with the big mainstream media. They are in collusion with the traitors to America who admire Hitler so.

Have a look and hear what these brave Americans are warning you of or I fear the future should you choose ignorance.


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