Saturday, September 20, 2014

How To Make The World Better

What is wrong with the world is simple. Why that is, is the complicated part. The same holds true for fixing the problem.

What I'm writing about is one of the core problems that is the root of more complex problems. What I'm getting to is poverty. Naturally, just bringing everyone out of poverty will not end all other problems but it would go a long way making the world a better place to live in.

As I stated the problem is a very simple one. Individuals allow the wrong things to be taxed. Why does government tax jobs and houses like they were booze and cigarettes? It's clear that these good, positive things, that are absolutely necessary to lead a prosperous life, are being taxed while bad things are left unmolested by the taxman. The big enchilada in this respect is land especially the most expensive desired urban land that is unused, underused or a slum property. Here's how the scam works:

In the urban areas most of the tax is on the house and other improvements to the land. Very little of the tax is on the actual value of the land location. So the classic example of how the rich can use this cozy setup is the Washington Post Parking Lot. There on 15th Street and L is located the Washington Post. Right next door was the Washington Post two story parking lot. For decades the Post paid a pittance in property tax for the lot compared to the tax for the office buildings right next door. They deducted all costs for running the lots and after taxes pretty much broke even on the operation over the course of the years.

Then at the height of the Real Estate market, after everybody else in DC has paid huge amounts in taxes compared to the tax on the Post lot, and people invested millions in private money in the community to make everyone's property location more valuable, the paper sold that parking lot for millions for a big office building to be built there. So after essentially paying no money after costs, parking fees and taxes are accounted for, the Post reaped millions of dollars in profit. However, where did that value actually come from? The answer is from the labor of all the home and business owners paying ten times more in taxes to be able to own a home or business than the Post paid for simply owning the lot and waiting. This is what is called urban land hording which combined with slum properties are very bad things for society and the economic balance of civilizations.

Here again the problem and solution are simple. Tax only the value of everybody's land holdings regardless of what is built on that land. Income from labor as well as houses and businesses would be tax free because these are good things that we need more of to have a prosperous society. Conversely, land hording for future speculative profit is a bad thing because by underusing or not using urban land it prevents wealth from being created there when it's not mixed with human labor, or at the very least used to store the personal wealth of humans and as a living space or business. It is fenced off, guarded by taxpayer funded police, owned for virtually nothing after deductions are factored in, then sold for a fortune at the peak of the market booms. This, like slum properties, adds nothing to society or the economic pie that everybody else is baking with their labor and investments. The urban land hoarder makes nothing, uses up time and some of his money to hold the land until everybody else in the area makes it valuable with their taxes and private investments, then the speculator sells for a fortune like the Washington Post did.

Why all these things are true is the complex part to explain. If you really want to know why there is so much poverty and how it is related to land hording you should read Progress and Poverty by Henry George. It's over 800 pages because George wanted to build a convincing argument that could not be refuted. As Einstein said in not so many words, that there's was no arguing with what Henry George was asserting in his masterpiece Progress and Poverty. There were just those who were familiar with George's writings and agreed with him and those who had not yet read his literary works.

But all you really need to know is what makes simple sense anyway. Politicians should stop peeing taxes on good things like jobs then complain about the rein of unemployment.


Friday, September 12, 2014

The Egyptian Model

It may come down to this. It may already be so. In Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood was in charge murdering Christians, burning Churches and I saw one video of them actually throwing people off of a ten story building.

The Egyptian military said to hell with that. They seized power, arrested the Muslim Brotherhood murderers, tried them and they will surely received the justice they deserve very soon. There are ample enough signs that our military is at least pushing back especially when they balked at bombing Assad in Syria. To get around this Obama plans on arming Assad's enemy which is Al Qaeda which was renamed ISIS, which was renamed IS, which was renamed ISIL. Obama calls them the moderate rebels.

Interestingly, Turkey doesn't want any part of a coalition to fight ISIS even though they are right next door raping and pillaging. That's because Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc. (shhh, etc. stands for NSA) are backing this jihad army of criminally insane murderers. But things haven't gone as planned because in Egypt the military took over from the Muslim Brotherhood government altering the plan to take over seven countries with staged revolutions using these thugs. Because of all this the Western Oligarchy switched to Syria and brought in their Al Qaeda army. But this army of nuts could never defeat Assad without air cover from NATO or somebody, which is why our masters staged a chemical attack that was blamed on Assad. Even yesterday I heard on MSNBC them lying again saying Assad gassed his own people when everybody knows it was the rebels who even made a youtube of the event. So they are back demonizing Assad again so here we go again.

Instead our military should follow the Egyptian Model and arrest the scum traitors who have been perpetrating these crimes as well as many others for quite some time. Those to be arrested naturally will include some top military brass as well who've gone along with the treason. However, on top of the round up list should be these liars in the controlled media who have stroked and manipulated the American people to believe a lot of nonsense that never happened that way so their boss fat cats could get richer making and selling bombs. Now the bulk of the military sees that this gravy train is greased with their blood I would hope that the good guys will do the right thing.

The High Crimes and Treason have been going on for more than half a century. But it is this past half a century of total information control that is our concern. That's because these criminals and their gang are still in charge of the nation and even willing to risk nuclear war to maintain that control. They have lied to us for so long they expect us to believe anything they assert like we can arm these terrorists to fight them there terrorists who are actual those terrorists' cousins and brother's in-law.

So all the military need do is arrest the leadership as the Egyptian Military has done and put them on trial. Then in a publicly aired trial let the facts tell the real story. At the very least the military should tell Obama and Susan Rice to deliver the weapons to the terrorists themselves. Who the hell ever put Susan Rice in charge of anything more than one of those picture cash registers?

But a public trial is what is needed to rout out the criminals from the halls of power and it would be mega as the corruption runs so deep in America. But like a bad tooth it must be pulled or things are going to get much worse. Public officials must be held accountable for:

Funding Al Qaeda or whatever they are calling them today.
IRS targeting
Opening the borders
Fast and Furious gun running
Benghazi stand down to whack the ambassador.
The 9/11 treason
The Oklahoma ATF run bombing
MLK assassination
RFK assassination
JFK assassination

There are plenty more from the same folks who were responsible for these acts of treason but these are the big ones that the scum believes they have gotten away with Scott free. So the highest ranking military with clean hands must convene a very public meeting in Washington, DC to spell out the charges against the accused, who I expect to make a run for the border. But this will shock Americans out of their stupor, that yes in fact their actually has been treason going on to bring down our nation and us with it. Even you idiots near the top who've been told you're on the winning team because you're special must realize now that you are dead too if the oligarchy is successful.

The military may already be giving Congress orders to clean this mess up or they will. Whatever! Get 'er done as the Cable Guy would say. The scum at the top have to be shaved off and thrown away from public life forever if we all are to survive.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tomatoes For $3.50 My Ass

I don't know how people can spend $3.50 to $4.50 for those supermarket tomatoes that have the flavor of cellophane. I picked these today in my garden for free. Naturally I put my labor along with the land to created this wealth. I damn sure wish more folks knew how wealth is created.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Attack Assad To Stop ISIS

This is the media mantra du jour. One might ask how is eliminating Assad, who has been locked into a civil war WITH ISIS, hurting this U.S. armed terrorist group?

This may be a threat to our military, what with Obama saying NY being nuked keeps him up at night and missing nukes from a Texas military base. In other words the scum who've hijacked the levers of our government are telling the military that unless you attack Assad and his Syrian government this time when we order you to we're going to nuke a city. This may be nuclear blackmail especially with the border wide open available for culpable deny-ability by the facilitators of such madness by these villains slithering through the hall of our government.

If this is so it's time for coup time generals to save this doomed American city.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Solution To High Food Prices And Ugliness

 Here's the back patio I built with 10 cent bricks delivered and stacked.

 Here is the latest Koi pond.

 Here's a close-up.

This is the smaller pond which the bigger one above flows into.

My tomatoes are finally ripening.

 My eggplants are doing fine but this is my second attempt to grow zucchinis.

 By not ripening right away the tomatoes are getting huge!

 The peppers are looking good.

More tomatoes.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Ferguson America

Ferguson is the fuse the traitors hope to use to ignite a race war but it hasn't gone as planned. People of all races and beliefs know the behavior of police is nothing less than provocative to increase the likelihood of violence. The attack on journalists and even arresting them puzzles me. What did they hope to accomplish?

My thinking is the ruling establishment is keen on spreading the protest to the rest of the cities to have a nationwide conflict, call it civil war if you like. So intimidating journalists and removing them from covering the story would make sense if they hope to close the deal on the elimination of the Constitution with Marshall Law in substitution. But the cops better realize they are outnumbered unless they stay on the people's side of the Constitution. If not they will be chased back to their precincts then to their own homes just to protect what they still have.

As for the people I plead with everyone to remain calm and do not submit to the provocations of the federal plain clothes instigators. Remember, most of the cops are manipulated by unprincipled scum leadership, so don't start right out by screaming obscenities at them. Educate them first. Whatever they do to the people will surely be done to their people as well one day and you have to point that out to them. As long as people remain civil they are legally allowed to protest their grievances and that goes for the police as well who surely will have some grievances of their own in the future if not right now.

The fact is the traitor controlled government is fast losing the information battle for the narrative high ground. Time is not on their side and the race war notion they hoped to start isn't panning out. The people have finally as a mass begun to focus on their real enemies starting with the central bankers and leadership within the government. That's why Ferguson citizens shouted Al "the Snitch" Sharpton the hell out of town. If the people want to burn something don't burn the town. Burn the concept of the Federal Reserve Note free range debt slavery. That's the root cause of our bondage and poverty. As soon as a critical mass of the people is achieved it's over for the Fed banksters and their minions of enforcers. Thereafter, we could still use money but it would be tied to something crooked bankers couldn't inflate or deflate whenever they secretly wanted to make some bucks off the slave populations' labor. Labor would be tax free and only the land would be taxed. Lets see the global multinational corporations and elites hide their land from taxes.


Thursday, August 07, 2014

Economic Balance And Stability

Government can't do much more to help an economy than protect the conditions in which commerce and industry can thrive. However there are an infinite number of ways a government can really screw up an economy. Take now for example.

Government leaders cry about the plight of the homeless while taxing houses as if they were dangerous things like booze and cigarettes. The same goes for jobs. This election you're sure to hear every one of them politicians swearing to be for jobs. Well that's swell but who's going to claim they're against jobs? But that is what almost every politician in the land is today - against jobs. Have you seen how much of the labor of people is taken forcibly by government in taxes? Besides taxes there are regulations which combined together kill jobs before they can ever be created.

So whether they realize it or not politicians are job killers. They are stooges for insiders in the corporate/banking sectors of the economy who are used to intentionally kill jobs to reduce competition for these snakes. Now we sit on the brink of collapse and wonder what comes next.

The vipers deploying this multi pronged attack, spearheaded by the invasion of illegals invited here by Obama and the Democrats to crush the economy, must put Americans in fear so they can offer the solution. That solution is a myriad of new controls on we peasants to permanently keep us as a desperate underclass serving their needs. In a nutshell, those of us left alive after the take down will be share croppers paying rent with our labor to a few thousand elites and the enforcement minions keeping everybody obeying the new order. It doesn't have to be this way.

First of all there are way more of us than them. The elites have us backed into a corner now and think they can go for the jugular. However, at the end of the day all you really need is food, water and shelter and for some medicines that are not actually poisons. If you have these things or can make or acquire them in an 18th century environment then you will be okay. Fail to have these supplies and you will be desperate and forced to play the hand a corrupt government is dealing you.

It doesn't have to be that way. Get ready now. If enough of us are properly supplied then we all can tell the establishment to take a hike! During the emergency all Americans stop paying their Mortgage in a revolt against the Federal Reserve foreign bankers at the root of the calamity. We should refuse as a nation to ever pay the Federal Reserve another dime and only pay local banks and lending institutions what money they are owed. Any money which these banks borrowed from the Federal Reserve they would not have to repay and therefor we would need not pay them back either for this criminal counterfeiting operation.  Once stability and the new American system had been installed all those holding an old Mortgage with Federal Reserve notes would owe only 10% or so after the Fed bankers are jailed. Money would be backed again with gold and silver so future counterfeiting would not be available to bankers with which to steal money from the unsuspecting people.

During this American Renaissance all labor based taxes would be abolished taking slavery as an acceptable idea with it. It will be tax free to work, own a car or house, a business, sell things, buy things and...well you get the idea.

In fact the only taxes in the future will be the site value tax which all land owners would pay based on the value of the location. The value would not include improvements to the land like houses or other buildings. It would solely be based on the location and resource value. Of course the local and state governments could impose taxes on things like booze and cigarettes since they are often left to clean up the messes these type of things cause.

In this new economy there will be too many jobs. So this is bad news for all employers. You will be competing with other employers for a limited pool of available workers so you better pay well and offer plenty of benefits. It won't be like now where jobs are killed in the cradle on purpose to reduce their number forcing too many people to fight over too few jobs.


Monday, August 04, 2014

From Slave Renters To Rich Land Owners

How many more years are you slaves going to fiddle with this money based system of government? The Bible warned you right from the get-go that the love of money was the root of all evil and the Book is damn sure right! Money funds all the evils of this world. But worst than that the money comes from our labor which is forcibly extracted by the evil ones causing mayhem around the world. So when you see babies blow to bits somewhere in the world that was your hard earned labor helping to pay for it. What's a planet to do?

Everybody has got to stop being so stupid. In all of recorded history labor taxing schemes using one form of money or another have been promised to make us all rich and secure. BALONEY! They have all failed!

I'm here to tell you that we don't have to fund society this way anymore if you will ponder an idea and pass it on if you like it. In the end systems using money cannot allow for the greatest amounts of wealth to be created for society nor spread that wealth fairly and evenly. Why? There are two basic reasons. The first is money based systems reduce wealth production by permitting land to be owned for little to nothing. Land plus human labor are the two vital ingredients to create wealth. If you reduce either then you get less wealth creation. Even gold (laying on the earth somewhere) is worthless until human labor is added to find it, mine it, refine it, transport it, to sell it in the marketplace. When Lenny Landbaron owns that land nobody else can make wealth using it. Most often royalty through inheritance own enormous amounts of land absolutely tax free such as Queen Elisabeth who reportedly owns 1/6 of the earth's land. None of this land is available for wealth production of any sort. Besides this obvious flaw in economic thinking that has gotten us to this life of serfdom, money has another problem. Once you have a large enough amount of money you can move it around to avoid taxes. The other 99.99% of the population is pretty much stuck where they are footing the bill for society. So the restricted amounts of wealth that does get created is not distributed throughout society evenly or fairly.

It should not be this way but for the ignorance of the slaves who toil away each day in this money funded nightmare. Put simply stop taxing jobs. Jobs are good things and we want lots of them. In fact we want so many jobs that there is not enough workers to fill the positions. That will drive up wages and benefits because it follows the basic economic rules of supply and demand. When the supply of workers on the shelf remains constant but there are more employers shopping for them, then they compete against one another for the limited supply of workers. But you serfs can continue to believe promises from politicians that their money based plan to redistribute the wealth will make you rich one day in the future.

You can't simply stop taxing jobs to fix the economy. You need to stop taxing other good things that are very helpful in society such as houses and other buildings or improvements to the land. Who ever came up with the notion that we should tax homes like they were booze and cigarettes? At the same time the politicians rail against the woes of homelessness. It's such nonsense when you get right down to it. Taxing all the good things in society is likewise. Taxing businesses for transacting in the marketplace or transporting goods is another stupid example of taxing good things that society needs.

All labor based taxes are also systems of control for the individual. A controller in an economy in every example is a blocker who stops an activity until the establishment verifies the serf has paid the tax to engage in the activity like fixing up the house and that all the edicts of the ruling class have been adhered to. The political class never have problems with permits and the serfdom class is always the ones with their property taken under eminent domain.

Instead there must be a revolution of the slaves the world around. Violence is not necessary only enlightened thinking about how to fund society fairly and justly. That comes down to sharing the planet as a way to fund society rather than continue to fight over it. We can start this revolution anywhere in the world but I can tell you the first ones will be the richest people in very little time. Tax only the value of the land based on its location and resources. The local government would assess the value of the land which they do now as it is. They simply don't tax this part of Real Estate value very much and focus on the improvements to the land to whack people with taxes. Under this reform houses and businesses would not be subjected to taxation. Most of the tax collected by the local government would stay there to fund local activities. A portion would be sent to the state and federal governments to fund their needs.

The proposed tax reform, tho simple, would set free millions of individuals to work on jobs now taxed out of existence before they could ever be created. On the other hand the land barons, Real Estate speculators and slum lords would pay the same tax for their under used especially urban land as everybody in the area. All land in urban areas would have to be put to use to earn or store wealth in order to pay the land tax. In other words it would not be economically sensible nor profitable any longer under this new tax system to hold urban land to sell for a huge profit in the future. Outside the cities far enough away from the civilized perks the location value of land drops to near nothing and the tax would do so as well. Nobody wants to live way out there except for the farmers who would not pay hardly anything for their location tax. That should be good for food prices don't you think?


Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ebola Economy

My mind ponders, from time to time, what the traitors to America might do next to satisfy their urges to dominate and control. They are apt to do anything.

These puppets of the international bankers have a big problem to deal with. This problem arises from time to time for them. The banksters and industrialists using government create ways to legally steal from the masses. These counter civilization systems they create run against nature and therefore cannot stand forever. Think of these schemes as damn holding back more and more water. These elites actually are trying to block what would occur naturally for profit and to sooth their hollow need to dominate and control everything.

The taproot system these viper class of Satan worshipers implemented hundreds of years ago is the fiat money scam that converts labor into pieces of paper. Then these pieces of converted labor can be gambled with to make more pieces of paper. To add to the fun the bankster class, the Rothschild and such, print up more pieces of papers secretly with which to gamble.

However, the nature of economics is forcing more and more paper money into circulation drops the buying power of all money causing prices to increase. That's why the price of everything is going up now. Now because of some frost in Brazil or other excuse. Eventually, the money would become worthless and in many cases has done just that. But the rogues running this family operation have been at it for hundreds of years and know how to deal with the realities of inflation.

In a nutshell, they instigate some enormous calamity which they use to blame for the sudden collapse of the economy. It could be WWI, WWII, 9/11, whatever. These vile paper money snakes are capable of anything to reset the economic Ponzi scheme and start the cycle all over again. When they start the collapse businesses and people go under forcing them to sell all the wealth they've created with their labor and guess who is sitting on a pile of money ready to buy it? The banking elites who buy what they fancy at fire sale prices.

The trouble they face naturally, which is to say them going against nature, is getting away with this scheme once again. For in nature if the people at large working and foraging around innocently as they do oblivious to this evil, were to wake up and see they were being robbed and murdered by central bankers they'd rightly kill the bankers first. Their henchmen would be dead meat too.  Mind you I'm not speaking of your corner local banker. I'm talking of the money creators who are the shadow government. So these vipers have to have a believable calamity with which to blame the impending economic calamity on to cover their own asses. It looks like for the time being their usual preferred method of sowing chaos, war, is a no-go. People everywhere are against it and start protesting whenever it's advocated like with Syria.

What is the bankster class to do? Enter Ebola - perhaps via the southern border. If bankster injected Ebola is used in the west everything economic gets shut down. To stop an outbreak everybody has to stay put until the outbreak dies out. This virus' must have a living host as it cannot live for long in nature otherwise. Basically you and every American would be under house arrest and be that way for several weeks until the infections died out. The stock market would crash and land at maybe 20% of its value before the outbreak. Lots of people would die as well but the banksters may be willing to take that chance with civilization to preserve their money scam. Of course they are control freaks and believe they can steer this outbreak to mostly effect blacks, Hispanics and in general people in society whom these elite snobs feel inferior to themselves. So of course they would start the epidemic in Africa. Duh!

Anyways, that's what I'd put my wager on - Ebola. You'll have to have two or three weeks of food because normal transportation will be banned. Then government might insist that you take some inoculations but avoid that like the plague as they are controlled by the banksters and would be as likely to kill you with those shots.

I warn you of these possibilities in hopes that should the establishment puppets implement this plan it will backfire and they and their bosses in the world of banking and industry will be strung up for good.


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Original Immigrant Surge - Cuban Exiles

Cubans were part of a scheme, unknowingly, very similar to today's immigration crisis. Back in the 1950's Cuba was destabilized by CIA funded Fidel Castro who promptly began grabbing the middle classes property as soon as he'd consolidated power. At the same time he began the executions and other tyranny that caused a huge surge of immigrants into South Florida and other enclaves of Cuban culture. These exiles still vote solidly Republican till this very day not realizing they were pawns in a bigger game.

The Democrats today, having learned their lesson well from this Republican use of destabilized populations for political gain, have used the AFT, DEA, FBI and other alphabet agency of criminal behavior to arm drug gangs south of the border who have killed hundreds of thousands violently. So the Democrats plead for the little children who are victims of this violence that the Democrats caused using the drug war.

In the bums' rush Obama and the Democrats make voting available illegally for the new refugees they created only this time it's not mostly South Florida - it's millions all across this land.

Hell it worked with Cuban exiles made homeless by the very same security state scoundrels in the CIA and other rogue agents buried within the legitimate functions of our government where they still slither today. Sadly most Cuban exiles continue to salute the ones responsible for installing Castro to this very day. The new Democrats from South and Central America and elsewhere will do the same thing for the Democrats perhaps until the end of our republic.


Monday, July 28, 2014

More 2014 Garden Pictures

Above is my strawberry wall with my cherry bush on the right of the wall at the end.

Only one nectarine left after the inchworms and squirrels had their way. 
I'll fix their wagon's next year.

My tomatoes are still not ripe but there's lots of them.

I've removed the slate off the top of my raised bed and using 4 by 4's now. 
You'll see why in the future.

MY CORN IS HUGE! GMO free too!

More corn and my shed that drives some neighbor crazy but too bad as county code says it's fine.

Fruit trees.

 I have pears this year. Hopefully cherries in the front yard next year.

 More corn, runner beans and my growing Leland Cyprus wall to thwart nosy neighbors.

Black berries ripening in the sun.



New National Anthem - Or Obama's Song

Oh say can you flee, with all your money?
No you can not! Get back in line you lit-tle snot.
Who do you think that you are? Now we're seizing your car.
And you will be groped, by some fat TSA dope.
He will give you a glare, at your children he will swear.
Asking do you have fruit saying your butt looks real cute.
Jose you can just come right on in.
For the ride is free. We've left the back door open.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Paul Ryan's Plans For Us

In the future, everyone will laugh at Paul Ryan's central plans for us. If government really wanted to help people they'd get out of our way except rectifying crimes against people or their property. They would ban taxing anyone's income or property such as house taxes and fund the limited needs of government through a tax on land value. People are such suckers though. They love money and are fools for it. The few thousand elites who own most of the planet absolutely tax free love this fiat money based system because they can move their dough around or put it into tax free investment or just plain old hide it while we wee little peasants are stuck footing the income and house property taxes because we can't afford to move.

Quit being stupid people! Stop fighting over other people's money because the vast majority of you will never get rich that way. If we formed up into a gang of enlightened peasants revolting about our labor being stolen by those few thousand landlords, like the Queen of England who owns 1/6 of the land mass of earth, we could all become comfortably wealthy. Wealth after all is nothing more than human labor + the land. The land barons own the land part of production tax free and the people are milked of their labor portion. Earth has become a giant company store arrangement where we must transact in their bogus counterfeit script that they tax right off the top when we earn it then in a myriad of other ways with what's left such as property taxes to own a house.

This racket has been going on for thousands of years now. WHAT? Are you all stupid?

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Cuban Problem

Here's the deal amigos. I've come to realize Castro and his oligarchy are exactly what the big corporate/banking western oligarchy wants in a government - central control. These elites damn sure don't want nations running around with wealthy free people. They prefer controlled, poor desperate serfs dominated by a small, controllable ruling elite. Castro or the Chinese communist fit this role precisely.

These ruling little oligarchies should realize that they are merely place holders and will be replaced as with Mubarak in Egypt or Gaddafi in Libya. Once you've served your purpose you'll be deposed.

The people in Cuba will not like how Castro will be remove certainly in the end. The fact is the big western oligarchs plan on killing all of you. They don't even consider you as a member of the same species and killing all of you will be no problem for them. You're safe for now while they are busy with the Middle East and getting Russia and the U.S. into a nuclear war. While the radiation certainly won't be good for the health of Cubans, Cuba should be left standing after the exchange leaves many parts of the U.S. and Russia smoldering.

However, once the snakes emerge from their bomb shelters having dealt with their Russian and American problem, they will begin mop up operations in parts of the world like Cuba where they haven't had total control yet. Cubans will long for the Castro days it will be so bad. What can be done?

The demons running the world depend on ignorant populations who don't believe such evil as they could exist. Then they pit different groups within society against one another sowing chaos. They fund some groups and persecute others. These roles can be switched around at any time. For example in the 1960s you were considered crazy or criminal for being homosexual. In the 21st Century you are favored if homosexual and heterosexuals are being persecuted now. It's not that one group or the other is good or bad. Neither realizes they are being played against one another. This is why communism is favored by the western oligarchy elites. Once an entire people realizes these truths they are inoculated against this form of attacking a nation.

The only shield against the attack of the western oligarchy is an enlightened society of free people who own their own time, body and labor output. This type of society is onto the grand game of the elite kings and simply won't go along with it. This type of people does not covet their neighbors things because they are too busy freely building their own life. When no one in the entire population is involved in extorting things from others via government power nor forcing others to do things against their will, excluding stopping the initiation of violence or fraud, they will have no time for jealous pursuits.

Cubans could do this if they all understood these realities. Spread the word over radio bemba and do it now. I know an economic system that if implemented in Cuba would allow all Cubans to live comfortable within 5 years. Simply put, your labor would be tax free while a land value tax would fund the nation. Eleven million Cubans set free to earn as much as they like on an island where no individual or group could legally monopolize the land and resources, under the law, is guaranteed to produce vast amounts of wealth evenly distributed broadly across the entire society.

The Estrada-Palma could sure use a Cuba like the one I've described in the words above. The fact is the global elites are done with America now and are in the process of kicking us to the curb like their filthy whore that they've used up. So Cubans will see the implosion of America and some may feel smug. Remember though once America is dealt with Cuba will be next on the chopping block. The only defense against this method of destroying a people and their nation is a nation populated by free, wise people who all own their own time, body and money, and I will add that they all would be heavily armed to the teeth if the globalists decide to use the old fashion military method of attacking Cuba.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Who Shot Down The Malaysian Plane

Being that all modern governments are piloted by corrupt power hungry criminally insane people who would do anything to have their way, figuring out which ones did this particular crime would be difficult to solve except for one thing. Psychopaths only act out to gratify their own needs regardless of who else gets hurt.

So one only need ask in these type of crimes, who benefited? Clearly, Putin and the separatists are taking it in the butt on this one. Up on the perceived moral high ground, the western oligarchs through their official government mouthpieces had all the answers from the get go. They are the benefactors of this tragedy.

But I'll go one question further to solve this crime. What's the motive or in this case motives for committing this crime. The Russians and their separatists allies in Eastern Ukraine have no motive to commit this crime. Having said that I believe they most likely fired the missile that brought down the airliner. However, I believed they were duped into making that horrible mistake. My reasoning is this particular plane was diverted right into the heart of a war zone. The Ukraine government in the west has a problem militarily with the separatists in the east. They can no longer fly unmolested over Eastern Ukraine and reign bombs down on the majority Russian population because Putin outfitted the separatists with fancy missiles that can shoot down high flying bombers and commercial airliners alike. This is a stalemate situation where a majority of essentially Russian Orthodox easterners can hold off the western Catholics who hate them forever. So clearly the westerners have a motive to shut down the missiles of the easterners. There's a lot of bad blood between the two going back to WWII and before. The western Catholics wish to kill or drive the eastern Russians out of the Ukraine and reclaim the land and resources as theirs.

With the scandals undermining the credibility and ruling authority of western oligarch government puppets they are desperate to change the subject. Whether it be the exploding pedophile scandal in England or daily examples their elite ruling class excesses, the Obama IRS scandal, his open the southern border policy to bring in future Democrats now that Americans won't be stupid enough to vote for them any more, Fast and Furious, etc. and lest us not forget that Israel coordinated their attack on Gaza to coincide within minutes of the airliner being shot down as if they knew as well - it looks a bit fishy to me. All of these players clearly had a motive to see that plane shot down if the separatists could be blamed for it.

In fact all the western press seemed to have the same story narrative as if the copy was ready to go before the plane hit the ground. So what really happened?

The Ukrainian western government diverted the airliner over the target area. The Malaysian commercial airliners transponder identification signal was either shut off or changed to a Ukrainian military transport or fighting plane signal fooling eastern Russian backed Ukrainians to shoot themselves politically in the foot by taking down a commercial airliners thinking it was going to bomb them as had been the case in recent weeks. Suddenly the bum's rush for the border by desperate Hispanic became back page news giving Obama a breather while letting the nut ball McCain wing of the old Republican guard rail against how Obama is handling Putin. The debate has been changed to one that the ruling establishment can win - they think they can at any rate.

But Putin's going to get the black box and all the evidence at the crime scene. He has the motive to prove his side innocent so this could be interesting. We know when the American government investigates crimes they commit they simply disappear condemning evidence like all the 9/11 black boxes, video tapes, etc. Naturally the western oligarch government official puppets and pundits will plant disinformation to discount the Russian gathered evidence. But that Putin is a wily rascal so should he gather evidence proving the Malaysian airliner had its identification altered it could bring down western government the outrage would be so great.

But the big picture is the ruling western oligarchs are mostly inbred nuts who really believe they have a plan that will instigate WWIII killing billions of us while they hide out in their bunkers in safety. Then when the smoke clears they'll emerge and rule the world in a global empire. Basically it's similar to the Charlie Manson plan.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Solving The Staged Immigration Crisis

First you must understand that this immigration crisis is staged and not some normal unforeseen event. During the Bush years they changed the law granting legal protections to undocumented minors. Add to this the Obama administration's stand down on the border complicated by TSA actually giving bus tickets to anywhere in America to illegals that had been in Border Patrol custody and the bum's rush is on for the border now.

For some reason when the FBI staged the Boston bombing the federal government had no legal qualms about suspending the Constitution almost totally in Boston while they hunted down the two patsies who were the agency's second choice to be framed for the job. Federal goons were pointing guns at everybody, ordering them out of the homes, grabbing women by the hair and throwing them to the ground all in the search for the two Chechen boys. Neither law nor the Constitution got in the way of the government in Boston. Yet we are to believe that in this emergency where tens of thousands of illegals are rushing our borders every week, there is nothing that can be done because of the law.

BALONEY! Declare an emergency, put every illegal captured on a plane for home. Period. This has to be done because America is not the commons for the world to walk all over. America is an exclusive club. Some of us Americans would however like to expand the concept of America to other lands in new franchises of freedom though this is another topic for another time. But you damn sure shouldn't be able to come here, plant your flag and declare yourself an American. There should not be fast tracks to American citizenship. To become a voting American takes time and motivation. You have to really want to become an American which means becoming proficient in English so you understand the nuances of the culture. You have to become familiar with the U.S. Constitution and our history of individual liberty and personal responsibility. In short, the things that are hidden from our children in public schools by filthy traitors who are deeply responsible for the immigration crisis and much more.

Having said all of this the main reason for this mess is always at its root economic. If you give away free stuff the people will continue to come until all the free stuff is gone along with the republic. That won't be good for anybody except for a few thousand global elites who are behind this take down of America. Be that as it is, I'm here to fix this mess if you'll just pay attention. We must correct the economic flaws is our system or watch it destroy the nation and with it our way of life. The reality is there are tens of millions of illegals already here and that's a fact. The federal traitors are already using them to sow chaos in society so the collectivist scum can have more bogie men to justify their paychecks while we're being destroyed. Nobody knows much about where or what these underground illegals are up to when all the while NSA has bedroom dossiers on all of us regular Americans. TSA must grope us to fly while illegals don't even need valid ID to board a flight. This second class status legally for citizens must stop now!

But the economic imbalances are much easier to solve. Americans were here first. We paid our dues already. We must be given preference over foreigners. But how? Ah, that's the easy part. Immediately abolish income tax for citizens of the United States and permanent resident aliens. All other foreigners would be welcomed to come here and work provided they check in at the border, show ID to be sure they are not criminals and be checked for infectious diseases. The IRS can provide papers right at the borders for successful guest workers so that they can comply with tax withholding requirements. American citizens on the other hand would pay no income tax. A land tax would be levied to all citizens based on the value of the land and not any of the improvements such as homes and businesses. They, as all things that result from our labor, would be tax free. Work as hard as you will you will never create more earth. Rather, we must agree on a method to share it or continue fighting over it. This land value tax placed on citizen land owners would be assess and collected by the local governments who would keep the lion's share in the community to serve local public needs. A portion would be given to the state and federal government for their limited responsibilities under the Constitution. Naturally, foreign guest workers who purchased American Real Estate property would be expected to pay the land tax as well as the income tax.

Employers would need not keep tax records on citizens nor take withholding taxes giving Americans a leg up on the foreign competition. Everything would be above board because there would no longer be economic incentive for employers to hide who they're hiring. This would bring the millions of hidden workers above the table paying taxes. In the short term the border must be sealed and illegals caught there returned to their home countries until this better system is implemented stabilizing the situation. Thereafter, America can have a steady flow of guest workers coming into America and also legally returning home if they choose with no impact on citizens. Guest workers must pay their taxes after legally registering at the border, behave themselves and they can stay as long as they like. Screw up and we'll ship you home fast. If you become destitute we'll fly you home but don't return until you've paid for that flight and any fines for vagrancy or other crimes.

Wouldn't this be a better way of doing things?


Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Garden 2014

Amigos, I'd like to write something to you every day but my life is deep and wide with activities, responsibilities and various chores that consume my time. Take my garden for instance. Here's the first peek at the early blooming foliage in a late blooming year delayed by unusually cold global warming this year thus far.

The pots above contain blueberry bushes that got hammered by the freezing cold global warming winter we just had. Behind them is my strawberry walls that take the garden verticle.

Here's a close up of the strawberry walls.


Notice how the back strawberry wall also is the side of the fish pond.


Here's the peaches almost ready to harvest. So laden with fruit I must prop them up or branches will snap.

In addition to my gardening duties I restored this blown engine 1995 Eclipse for my wife to drive. It too took a good bit of time rebuilding and installing the engine, new suspension and steering as well as all the incidentals like nicer seats, a stereo that worked etc. This is the car the Inspection station neglected to tighten the drive-side front lug nut fortunately not killing my wife. It runs pretty sweet.

This is the brick path I put down a few weeks ago because the creek reforms to the right and it was muddy to walk past. To the left are grapes.


Here's the back patio I built with the herb garden to the right. Remember to put that herb garden of yours as close to the kitchen as possible.

Here's the lower side pond I built a couple weeks ago.


I still need to cap these bricks with stone. I'll get to it but I've got another granddaughter on the way.


I'm not sure what that prickly plant to the right is but it blooms nice doesn't it.


Here's the wife's front pond she built. Pretty good aye? For a girl.


My $1500 Chevy truck to the right with the two cherry trees next to them in the yard. Don't the roses look lovely? Close ups to come with more  stuff too.


The first peaches harvested! Sweet! Free!


Front pond close up.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Government Oversight Very Dangerous

Government schemes to make us safe that remove responsibilities for such duties from the individual  aptly demonstrate the knave thinking of bureaucrats.

Take Maryland's requirement to get a vehicle on the road for example. True, once you pass the mandatory state safety inspection your car is able to stay on the road forever with no further inspections. Now Maryland doesn't foolishly think cars last forever. Instead, the Maryland politicos realize people wish to live and will repair their cars when needed. A very small number of accidents are due to mechanical failures. Still, Maryland thinks we Free State drivers are too stupid to have the car in good mechanical shape right from the start. Hence, the required inspection.

The way it's designed legally sets in motion a system that generates profits for private repair stations that do the inspections and forces poorer people into buying newer cars with the accompanying taxes to the state. Safety in the last thing on the mind of these inspections stations or the state of Maryland.

Take for example my wife's 1995 Eclipse. I rebuilt a replacement engine, installed it, replaced all the suspension and steering components, the bucket seats, radio and basically everything necessary to make the car like new for my wife without the car payment. So do you really think a guy like me needs some young fluoridated, vaccinated, aspartamed want to be grease monkey zombie to okay my car? Come on!

So the inspection station went over the Eclipse with a fine tooth comb motivated by a need to find something, ANYTHING, that they could legally replace. Aside from the tinted glass that Maryland outlaws because we all must live in glass houses and cars with clear valises to carry our belongings, the car passed with flying colors. They had to take off every wheel, inspect all the brakes, suspension, steering, etc. all for fifty bucks. They didn't even make the money to remove the tinting as Jack the Greek did it for me. They were so hurried to get that damn great running Eclipse out of their bays to get a real sucker in there that they neglected to tighten the driver side front lug nuts - all of them were finger tight. That's because what motivates them is money while I'm motivated by a need for safety.

Then my wife starts saying she hears a knocking sound which terrifies me. I'm thinking something is wrong with the main crank bearings on the rebuilt engine. So I fire it up and take it for a spin around the block really listening for the engine and never really going faster than 40 mph. Nada! Whew!

So I go back inside relieved that the engine is fine and tell my wife to relax. She does, then the following evening drives the 30 mile to DC going down Route 50 and God knows what speed then back home in the morning. She comes in and says she really hears the noise now and I need to take a test drive. She comes with me and as fate would have it I needed an alignment tool to put a clutch in the Celica. Nothing at first as I'm a bit deaf but on the return from Auto Zone boy on boy do I hear it! Naturally when I go to bust the lug nuts loose I discovered they were already loose.

Heck a week had gone by since the Inspection Station had looked at my wife's car so if she'd have been killed on Route 50 I'd of had a hard time getting them to take responsibility for their grave error. I'll never trust any grease monkeys again and always double check their work. I'd suggest you always do likewise in the fluoridate, aspartamed zombie world created by this criminal band of scum know as the government. Of course I'll still be paying to have the zombies okay future cars on orders from the state.


Saturday, June 07, 2014

Take Your Share Of The Earth

Keep Your Damn Hands Off Labor

The fundamental flaw in every economy in the world is they all are funded based on human labor output which is taxed. Instead outlaw any and all human labor based taxation that the wealthiest find so easy to evade by moving their money around. 

Replace all slave taxes with a simple land value tax based on location value and resource value. It's so easy to run this system, frees labor to work, removes taxes for fixing up your home or business and best of all the wealthy land barons, royalty, real estate speculators with the inside track via government connections, slum lords, etc. will finally pay their fair share. Then nonsense about how much a minimum wage job should pay will be a moot point. There will be no such thing when we build a huge, growing. wealthy middle class with a tiny number of poor and mega wealthy left in the wake of our economic revolution that requires a simple but profound change in thinking.

Basically, free labor to work while sharing the earth. Unless you are one of the royalty, Rothschild banker family member, Rockefeller or one of the other 6000 individuals who currently own the vast majority of the earth - can I get an amen?

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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Slave Poverty To Wealth And Liberty

Amigos the problem we all face is the system itself is a giant screw job against the vast majority of people on the earth. I'm talking about economics here. I know economics can sound like a big scary concept because that's the way we've been taught about it. This is especially so with finance, banking, derivatives, etc. Forget about all that highfaluting nonsense and go right to one of the core beliefs pushed by the economic deceivers. What's that you might ask?

Well there was this guy long ago named Malthus. He derived the notion that the reason for poverty is that there are simply too dang many people. That's where you hear the expression a "Malthusian." In a nutshell, Malthus claimed that the wealth created by humans will always be less than the number of humans leading to poverty.

Henry George proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Malthus was an idiot. He proved it in his masterpiece "Progress and Poverty." He wrote it back in the 1800's and the ruling economic hierarchy has been trying to cover it up ever since. It's actually has been very easy for these elite selfish trash. That's because this great book is over 800 pages long which is usually quite enough of a challenge to keep most people from ever turning the cover to read the first page. True Henry George goes into great detail to explain his concept about the root cause of most poverty while Malthus needed very few words to explain his notion that too many people led to not enough stuff for everybody. Hell everybody was already ready to believe that they were poor because somebody else already grabbed their stuff and the elites were more than happy to light that fire whenever possible.

So Henry George over explained his brilliant concept of the actual root causes of poverty. I'll attempt to break the ideas down right here so you can understand them without reading Progress and Poverty.

Wealth is the result of humans using the land to make stuff that other humans find valuable. That valuable stuff is what we call wealth. For all of recorded history the elites have used one scam or another to swipe part of everybody's labor output in effect making us all to one degree or another slaves. Slave rarely are rich historically.

Okay that's the cause of poverty and here is the answer to eliminating the vast majority of it. Abolish all forms of labor taxes like on income which of course would outlaw fiat money from central banking plantations. I'll note here that the few hundred wealthiest families own the vast majority of the earth tax free. The Queen of England owns 1/6 of the land herself but she's concerned about poverty so that's okay right?

So it's obvious why there is so much poverty. Most people pay rent to live on the planet while the few hundred elite family's pay zip. Change that to nobody pays any income tax or labor based taxes no matter how damn rich they get. Houses and other improvements to the land are at their root built with labor and must be tax free as well. Replace these with a tax based on the location value of the land itself. Naturally downtown city land would be the priciest and then drop the farther out from the urban areas where it is zero in the rural farm lands. Farms have horrible location values being out in the boonies and all.

For the billion of humans on the planet the taxes they pay now would plummet but for the few hundred elite families who currently own the planet and pay nothing, well their taxes would be astronomical. Take the Queen of England for example. How in the hell could she afford to continue to own 1/6 of the land on this planet? She and the few hundred elite families couldn't and would have to sell off their holdings at bargain prices to the rest of us. We would immediately put that land to productive use creating more wealth and to store our wealth.

There are too many positive results from this simple idea that I totally support to discuss here and now. But take just one result of changing to this Georgist economic system. Fixing your house would be tax free. Same thing for commercial buildings. The tax on buildings would be zero so no matter how valuable the building got the tax would be zero. Can you imagine the building expansion and improvements this policy would cause and the resulting boom in employment in the building industry?

It's a no-brainer!

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Creating A Narrative

The VA scandal is a great example of how the whore, presstitute, journalacky media still drives your perception of reality. First of all there are but so many minutes in a day to do anything. The trick that the above must turn is to screw you by consuming as many of your mental minutes of the day as possible with the wrong story.

For example, the VA story is one that could bring down the entire corrupt ruling establishment if the whole truth, the absolute truth and nothing but the truth were ever told. But the whore media can't allow that to happen because their wagon has been saddle to the traitors for a long long time meaning if the rulers go down the media journalacky's are going down with them. What's a pack of liars to do?

Bring in the Mexican police to save the day is the answer. Right off the bat, if you think anybody in the U.S. government is contacting the Mexican government about the armed marine who made a wrong turn into Mexico you'd have to be drinking eight glasses of the AMA recommended fluoridated tap water every day. The only orders are to keep the marine IN the Mexican jail until further notice and abuse him or if they don't the whore media will say he's being abused anyway. Why?

The real story the establishment want to sprint away from is the official policy of murdering older veterans to save money. The establishment thought the old guys would be long dead before this treason would ever get out. Now that Drudge, Infowars, Worldnet Daily, etc. have exposed the vile VA scum leadership carrying out official Obama policy the traitors really needed another bogie man and fast. That bogie man must be harming a veteran and that bogie man must not be connected to the VA or American government in any way.

The jailed marine in Mexico has given Obama a life line diversion story to play Americans like kittens with a fast moving ball of yarn story to wrench at their guts and pull at their heartstrings. I'd not be surprised if the BLM didn't put up a fake sign for the marine pointing to Mexico but reading "This way to L.A." Every second Americans spend focusing on the Mexican jailed marine are minutes then hours they won't have to hear about the thousands of veterans being officially neglected to death. And all the while the corrupt establishment rulers are gagging to start more wars to break some more soldiers they won't help.

And you cops who support this ruling establishment, they have something for your dumb asses too once they're finish with the veterans. So keep beating Americans for protesting or to keep them silent. Your bosses have already killed most of you and your families too with vaccines that will metastasize when you get older and about to wise up. Too late then suckers. You'd have to man up now.

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Friday, May 23, 2014

These Politicians Won't Save You

Your current political leaders, with a few exceptions, are corrupt, compromised people. This is why they were installed into their political office. Yeah I know you voted and all but that's the end of the modern political process. Way before election day, the Intelligence State directed through NSA, FBI, CIA and other enforcement elite agencies have already gathered every aspect of personal information about all potential candidates for higher office. The Intelligence State knows about every indiscretion, all the peccadilloes and such that might embarrass or even get a politician jailed if they didn't play their cards right.

After the choices have been spied on they are put into two categories - corrupted candidates and uncorrupted candidates.  The Security State then uses their control of the old corporate whore media to promote the corrupted candidates who can then be blackmailed if they win and fail to play ball with our real hidden government of spies.

The uncorrupted candidates first and foremost are blacked out by the whore media, minimized, trivialized or demonized if they appear to have any support. But the most effective thing the whore media does is black out candidates. 

Occasionally, uncorrupted candidates become popular, meaning electable. These choices the Intelligence State will use the private information they have secretly, illegally gathered to find the weak spot of uncorrupted candidates. Usually that's a good looking woman. The shadow rulers will never stop trying to compromise these politicians should they get elected and they usually succeed in one way or another.

Finally, when none of these tactics succeed in controlling a politician the old fashion assassination is the final destination. In fact if you're a politician you have a way higher chance of dieing in an airplane crash than any other group of fliers with your flight time in the sky. Plane crashes are the Security State's favorite way to murder troublesome politicians like Senator Wellstone and Congressman Begich. Come to think of it House Majority Leader and Warren Commission Member Hale Boggs was on that plane too. It was a CIA hat trick. Of course the Shadow Rulers are not above using bullets to get the job done like with the Kennedy boys. They have a heart attack gun and...I could go on forever but you get they point.

To sum up, if you are a Senator, Congressman, Judge, etc. you know these things I've been discussing and even if you are uncorrupted and still living like Senator Rand Paul you must take this reality into consideration. One might be tempted to challenge me and say why doesn't Rand Paul come out and condemn such treason? The whore media under the complete control of the Security State government would savage the good Senator.

Wise up fellow slaves to our Security State Government Rulers. Then you will free yourselves from these chains of ignorance.

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

V.A. Scandal And Total Perception Awareness

You see amigos I see what really troubles the establishment because they broadcast as much airing the answers that they hope will satisfy the public's questions before they even ask them. How?

Take the V.A. scandal for example. The NSA computers are monitoring, categorizing and compiling results from all of our electronic communications every second of every day. It's not that there is a person analyzing our every word. Rather, they are adding them up. So for example the NSA knows the tabulations of how many us us search a particular term or phrase. Therefore, when NSA spy computers record that X number of American did a search on "VA scandal" and that number goes over a certain threshold they know they have big problems. Think of perceptions out of their control as a leak in an information damn. Before the information leak can grow big enough to change the general flow of the people's perception, NSA gets out in front of the leak with information propaganda patches that block the damning information or diverts it harmlessly out of the way into the conspiracy river where it wanders off aimlessly to nowhere.

The rub for a corrupt establishment is, when the V.A. scandal is actually an enormous treason that officially neglects to death veterans rather than pony up the benefits they fought for, LITERALLY, they begin to complain. The trouble this time for the establishment, is they thought their little old veteran reduction program would continue forever unmolested. V.A. neglects the veterans, they complain up the official chain of command but that does no good as it's official policy to kill rather than care for the older veterans. Next the vets complain to the corporate whore media but all the journalacky reporters can do is bury the story or rat out any vet ring leaders to the fed's for persecution, prosecution or termination. By this point the vast majority of veteran should-have-been-patients are dead from neglect. Yes siree the federal establishment traitors thought they had this one safely contained in the info bag.

The trouble is the rats haven't really seen the big picture of what can go wrong instituting treason in the modern world. The veterans being abuse, and there are too many to count, have gone to the alternative truthful real media like Alex Jones and, Drudge Report, etc. They are telling their stories plus even more condemning is good people inside the V.A. who have sat silently in anger while their superiors have stated that "older veterans should be shot" rather than cared for, are now coming forward to complain too. The NSA computers have lit up and are smoking ready to melt down with this information bomb. So they order Obama to get out in front of the cameras and look presidential mean and angry.

But alas there are too many leaks with this scandal. Who knows how many veterans have been abused? Well...the NSA of course but that's not the point here. The veterans themselves and their friends and families that's who knows about these abuses. There are now millions of them and they are angry. NSA knows this from their spy computations and are in trouble big time. This murder by neglect policy is probably the straw that breaks wide open the public perception of the establishment. Rolling some heads is not going to work this time.

Ask yourselves this amigos. If this government would officially neglect our veterans to death, is it such a stretch to think they wouldn't murder 3000 Americans to trick us into a war we would have never fought otherwise in the first place?

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Globalists Double Crossed Too

It now seems likely to me that a grand manipulation has been occurring on our planet for a very long time. Some inter-dimensional force, call it the devil or whatever, has been playing with our species for God knows what reason. I think they can't act physically in our dimension or things would be much weirder than they are now. Rather, they depend on human agents to do the dirty work.

The inter-dimensional force has given information to a few wicked individuals through the ages who are open to doing evil in exchange for power and wealth. The wicked were given the secrets of mathematics and the framework of the fiat currency system of slavery that was light years ahead of the wampum public. The wicked have been given other technological knowledge that has given these evil ones advantages over the peon masses that at the end of the day has permitted a tiny fraction of rulers to exploit a planet full of people. The vast majority of humans on this planet in this dimension don't have a clue of the great manipulation and struggle to just survive on a planet so rich that there is no other damn reason virtually all of us shouldn't be doing just fine.

But here's the thing. The evil, powerful ones who've been working with this inter-dimensional wicked force are getting screwed as well - literally. How's that? Well first of all you must think like this wicked inter-dimensional force. It is light years ahead of us and a different species as well. We are an ant colony to It, my fellow humans. If this force could it would roast us like a kid with a magnifying glass on an ant hill. So what if a few billion ants get cooked?

Ah but the evil inter-dimensional force can't do this or It would have already been done. No It depends on individuals operating in this dimension using advanced knowledge. Take for example the DNA double helix and the AMA snakes wrapping around one another that medicine men have been using for ages. It's obvious to me the evil hands doing the dirty work in this dimension were told about DNA and much of the science around it long before optics allowed humans to actually see, study and now manipulate the DNA. It's also clear the wicked hand have had their DNA altered by the inter-dimensional force to satisfy both party's needs. However, it's clear the evil inter-dimensional force never bothered to explain to their earth lackeys that it would not be a good idea to have sex with your sister or cousin and such. Sure it had given the elite information about DNA before we could even see it so the natural assumption would be to keep their gene pools all in the family. If this inter-dimensional force really gave a damn about the elite scum that still runs most of the world they'd have warned their forefathers not to have sex with one another no matter how logical it sounded much less how appealing it may have been for these nuts doing evil.

So you stupid asses who have sold yourselves out to the inter-dimensional force are getting manipulated and screwed in the end as well. How about you fess up and explain to the rest of the planet what's been going on for so long now. They may be so fascinated by your stories that they won't kill you on the spot especially once they see you've been manipulated too.

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