Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Garden 2014

Amigos, I'd like to write something to you every day but my life is deep and wide with activities, responsibilities and various chores that consume my time. Take my garden for instance. Here's the first peek at the early blooming foliage in a late blooming year delayed by unusually cold global warming this year thus far.

The pots above contain blueberry bushes that got hammered by the freezing cold global warming winter we just had. Behind them is my strawberry walls that take the garden verticle.

Here's a close up of the strawberry walls.


Notice how the back strawberry wall also is the side of the fish pond.


Here's the peaches almost ready to harvest. So laden with fruit I must prop them up or branches will snap.

In addition to my gardening duties I restored this blown engine 1995 Eclipse for my wife to drive. It too took a good bit of time rebuilding and installing the engine, new suspension and steering as well as all the incidentals like nicer seats, a stereo that worked etc. This is the car the Inspection station neglected to tighten the drive-side front lug nut fortunately not killing my wife. It runs pretty sweet.

This is the brick path I put down a few weeks ago because the creek reforms to the right and it was muddy to walk past. To the left are grapes.


Here's the back patio I built with the herb garden to the right. Remember to put that herb garden of yours as close to the kitchen as possible.

Here's the lower side pond I built a couple weeks ago.


I still need to cap these bricks with stone. I'll get to it but I've got another granddaughter on the way.


I'm not sure what that prickly plant to the right is but it blooms nice doesn't it.


Here's the wife's front pond she built. Pretty good aye? For a girl.


My $1500 Chevy truck to the right with the two cherry trees next to them in the yard. Don't the roses look lovely? Close ups to come with more  stuff too.


The first peaches harvested! Sweet! Free!


Front pond close up.


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