Friday, July 25, 2014

Paul Ryan's Plans For Us

In the future, everyone will laugh at Paul Ryan's central plans for us. If government really wanted to help people they'd get out of our way except rectifying crimes against people or their property. They would ban taxing anyone's income or property such as house taxes and fund the limited needs of government through a tax on land value. People are such suckers though. They love money and are fools for it. The few thousand elites who own most of the planet absolutely tax free love this fiat money based system because they can move their dough around or put it into tax free investment or just plain old hide it while we wee little peasants are stuck footing the income and house property taxes because we can't afford to move.

Quit being stupid people! Stop fighting over other people's money because the vast majority of you will never get rich that way. If we formed up into a gang of enlightened peasants revolting about our labor being stolen by those few thousand landlords, like the Queen of England who owns 1/6 of the land mass of earth, we could all become comfortably wealthy. Wealth after all is nothing more than human labor + the land. The land barons own the land part of production tax free and the people are milked of their labor portion. Earth has become a giant company store arrangement where we must transact in their bogus counterfeit script that they tax right off the top when we earn it then in a myriad of other ways with what's left such as property taxes to own a house.

This racket has been going on for thousands of years now. WHAT? Are you all stupid?

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