Monday, July 28, 2014

More 2014 Garden Pictures

Above is my strawberry wall with my cherry bush on the right of the wall at the end.

Only one nectarine left after the inchworms and squirrels had their way. 
I'll fix their wagon's next year.

My tomatoes are still not ripe but there's lots of them.

I've removed the slate off the top of my raised bed and using 4 by 4's now. 
You'll see why in the future.

MY CORN IS HUGE! GMO free too!

More corn and my shed that drives some neighbor crazy but too bad as county code says it's fine.

Fruit trees.

 I have pears this year. Hopefully cherries in the front yard next year.

 More corn, runner beans and my growing Leland Cyprus wall to thwart nosy neighbors.

Black berries ripening in the sun.




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