Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Globalists Double Crossed Too

It now seems likely to me that a grand manipulation has been occurring on our planet for a very long time. Some inter-dimensional force, call it the devil or whatever, has been playing with our species for God knows what reason. I think they can't act physically in our dimension or things would be much weirder than they are now. Rather, they depend on human agents to do the dirty work.

The inter-dimensional force has given information to a few wicked individuals through the ages who are open to doing evil in exchange for power and wealth. The wicked were given the secrets of mathematics and the framework of the fiat currency system of slavery that was light years ahead of the wampum public. The wicked have been given other technological knowledge that has given these evil ones advantages over the peon masses that at the end of the day has permitted a tiny fraction of rulers to exploit a planet full of people. The vast majority of humans on this planet in this dimension don't have a clue of the great manipulation and struggle to just survive on a planet so rich that there is no other damn reason virtually all of us shouldn't be doing just fine.

But here's the thing. The evil, powerful ones who've been working with this inter-dimensional wicked force are getting screwed as well - literally. How's that? Well first of all you must think like this wicked inter-dimensional force. It is light years ahead of us and a different species as well. We are an ant colony to It, my fellow humans. If this force could it would roast us like a kid with a magnifying glass on an ant hill. So what if a few billion ants get cooked?

Ah but the evil inter-dimensional force can't do this or It would have already been done. No It depends on individuals operating in this dimension using advanced knowledge. Take for example the DNA double helix and the AMA snakes wrapping around one another that medicine men have been using for ages. It's obvious to me the evil hands doing the dirty work in this dimension were told about DNA and much of the science around it long before optics allowed humans to actually see, study and now manipulate the DNA. It's also clear the wicked hand have had their DNA altered by the inter-dimensional force to satisfy both party's needs. However, it's clear the evil inter-dimensional force never bothered to explain to their earth lackeys that it would not be a good idea to have sex with your sister or cousin and such. Sure it had given the elite information about DNA before we could even see it so the natural assumption would be to keep their gene pools all in the family. If this inter-dimensional force really gave a damn about the elite scum that still runs most of the world they'd have warned their forefathers not to have sex with one another no matter how logical it sounded much less how appealing it may have been for these nuts doing evil.

So you stupid asses who have sold yourselves out to the inter-dimensional force are getting manipulated and screwed in the end as well. How about you fess up and explain to the rest of the planet what's been going on for so long now. They may be so fascinated by your stories that they won't kill you on the spot especially once they see you've been manipulated too.

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