Friday, May 30, 2014

Creating A Narrative

The VA scandal is a great example of how the whore, presstitute, journalacky media still drives your perception of reality. First of all there are but so many minutes in a day to do anything. The trick that the above must turn is to screw you by consuming as many of your mental minutes of the day as possible with the wrong story.

For example, the VA story is one that could bring down the entire corrupt ruling establishment if the whole truth, the absolute truth and nothing but the truth were ever told. But the whore media can't allow that to happen because their wagon has been saddle to the traitors for a long long time meaning if the rulers go down the media journalacky's are going down with them. What's a pack of liars to do?

Bring in the Mexican police to save the day is the answer. Right off the bat, if you think anybody in the U.S. government is contacting the Mexican government about the armed marine who made a wrong turn into Mexico you'd have to be drinking eight glasses of the AMA recommended fluoridated tap water every day. The only orders are to keep the marine IN the Mexican jail until further notice and abuse him or if they don't the whore media will say he's being abused anyway. Why?

The real story the establishment want to sprint away from is the official policy of murdering older veterans to save money. The establishment thought the old guys would be long dead before this treason would ever get out. Now that Drudge, Infowars, Worldnet Daily, etc. have exposed the vile VA scum leadership carrying out official Obama policy the traitors really needed another bogie man and fast. That bogie man must be harming a veteran and that bogie man must not be connected to the VA or American government in any way.

The jailed marine in Mexico has given Obama a life line diversion story to play Americans like kittens with a fast moving ball of yarn story to wrench at their guts and pull at their heartstrings. I'd not be surprised if the BLM didn't put up a fake sign for the marine pointing to Mexico but reading "This way to L.A." Every second Americans spend focusing on the Mexican jailed marine are minutes then hours they won't have to hear about the thousands of veterans being officially neglected to death. And all the while the corrupt establishment rulers are gagging to start more wars to break some more soldiers they won't help.

And you cops who support this ruling establishment, they have something for your dumb asses too once they're finish with the veterans. So keep beating Americans for protesting or to keep them silent. Your bosses have already killed most of you and your families too with vaccines that will metastasize when you get older and about to wise up. Too late then suckers. You'd have to man up now.

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