Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why Jerry Lewis Was Really Fired

In this article, which reads like controlled opposition by paid shills, the writer conveys their outrage at the Muscular Dystrophy Association's firing of Jerry Lewis. I suspect controlled opposition with this site because they never discuss one big question. Why?

Dr. Joel D. Wallach on Prisonplanet.tv claims he sent the cause of muscular dystrophy to Mr. Lewis who was promptly fired by the MDA. Which leads to the next question - again why?

The reason is high-paying employment in the muscular dystrophy industry. It would be like a hundred years ago or so with you working at that high paying job in the buggy whip factory. You've got it made! One day this guy Henry walks up to you and says, "Good news my fellow American. I've created a gasoline powered buggy machine that does not need horses. You just pour a bit of gasoline in it and you are on your way." Henry in his excitement doesn't see that you have gone pale as a ghost because if he is correct then you will have no job soon. Perhaps this is the only job you have ever known, maybe for twenty or thirty years or more. Right about then you want to kill him and everybody named Ford.

This is what modern life is all about and why I don't give a damn plug nickle to any of these swindling charities. The last thing they wish to do is cure cancer or any human malady. Big pharma' has the doctors by their nuts in that they control all aspects of medicine from teaching to prescribing to giving patients the bad news about there still being no cure for this disease or that but they have lots of elixirs to ease your suffering a bit. The same situation holds true for the energy industry. Power could be free and abundant if certain technology were let out of the box. But the power industry suppresses this science and keeps it under wraps - meaning if you try to bring it to market they will certainly kill you.

I must assume Jerry Lewis is under threat of execution if he talks so I'm talking for him. Naturally, they probably threatened his family members too. That's the way greedy industrialists operate. So sad that many of you have been duped and actually gave money to organization like MDA. Hell I even held a carnival when I was a kid.

The suppressed technologies that could transform our species into a peaceful and abundantly prosperous one that cares for everybody just by being open and honest with each other, remains hidden. The not so secret oligarchs are greedy inbred damaged hunks of DNA who cling to power over the planet through deception. A large part of this deception has to do with our health. They are killing us softly then lying about it while offering a treatment that will not cure the disease and often make things much worse. Most human disease is elbow related. Just about every time the elbow bends most folks are putting the wrong things into their mouth. Americans have the highest rate of diseases like cancer and heart disease/stroke as well as diabetes. The big pharma lie is that it's your genetics - especially you dark skinned people. Isn't it funny how every earthly problem is attributed to those who possess genes that include dark skinned characteristics? Well...no. I suppose not for those who HAVE dark skin.

Whatever your skin color, stop putting poisons into your face and replace the toxins with all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements that you are not getting now from big pharma's kissing cousin - big agra. Once you feel better you can join the growing resistance to the building globalist tyranny. Most of you right now are in no condition to fight in the struggle to close your trousers.


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