Monday, May 28, 2012

My Garden And Stuff

Here is one of my rain barrels on a tower. My grapes look great!

This is the greenhouse I built using my old windows that I replaced with nice insulated windows. My grapes grow inside the green house providing shade in the hot summer. The cylinder is my rocket jet burner that I can heat the greenhouse on cold days with extending my growing season.

That's one of my two cherry trees to the left. The trellis with the red and purple flowers is visited everyday by humming birds.
Here is the patio I built with free bricks that use to be a wall in N.E. Washington, DC. The square thing is the small koi pond my wife built. I dug the bigger one around the side of the house. The stuff from the filters from the ponds I put directly on my plants and veggies and trees. Apparently they love it. I put all of my ashes from the fireplace into my soil as well.

Here on the right is the big pond. Again, the bricks were free.

This back patio I built using 10 cents per brick delivered and stacked. I barbeque out back here near my kitchen and all of the plants you see are my herb garden except the lemon tree in the pot in the center,

More pictures coming soon.


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