Sunday, May 27, 2012

See Something Say Something

As I waited for my wife at Union Station I was bombarded by television screens in every direction telling me how safe I was because the government was on the job fighting the terrorists. However, I knew I would not be bombed at the station that morning. How?

I knew everything would be fine when I saw the bomb sniffing dogs patrolling the station. Bomb sniffing dogs will get 100% of the explosives every time. That's why the government doesn't use them 100% of the time. The government doesn't want to stop all of the terrorism especially the attacks that the government itself orchestrates to scare up tax revenue and boogeyman the American public.

Therefore, police officers should learn to recognize the "stand down order." It could save your life. The filthy traitors who have commandeered our republic always issue a stand down order before false flag attacking us. The jets that should have been patrolling the skies on 9/11 were conveniently ordered to fly south away from the attack area so they would not be available to protect the airspace over New York and Washington, DC. Just before JFK was murdered by the CIA, his security detail that was supposed to run along side and stand on the back bumpers of his limo protecting his flank were ordered away from Kennedy's vehicle.

Many if not most of the police are just like the American people - duped. In fact it seems like the type of people that are hired now as cops are rather low IQ people who are good at following simple orders but not thinking for themselves. They are chumps who actually believe they are doing something to keep us safe. But they are actors playing a role even if they do not realized they are staged security window dressing.

My point to the modern intellectually challenged law enforcement officers is to recognize a stand down order when you hear one. If your job is to patrol a public place with your bomb sniffing dog then suddenly you are ordered elsewhere, that should be a red flag. Also police should be very aware of all training exercises. Training exercises are often used by the traitors as cover when they plan to attack us. Lots of police and firemen died on 9/11 when they rushed into the burning towers not realizing this was a trap meant to scare the rest of America into acting like Nazis. No steel framed skyscrapers had ever before fallen due to fire, nor since. So these first responders ran into the building never realizing they would be blown to bits by bombs ordered planted in the towers by traitorous scum before they ever arrived on the scene.

My final word here is to the rest of you fools who still fly. When my wife said she would be going to Florida for her nursing conference I insisted that she take the train. Oh sure I was mindful of the groping she might have to go through at the airport. I've been married to Deni for almost 26 years and I am very restricted by her on the question of whether or not to grope her myself. I only do so when it suits her fancy. I also don't like the idea of sending her into the naked scanning micro wave easy bake ovens used in airports these days. In Boston airport some of the TSA workers have developed cancer and they were among the first to deploy these people cookers in the theatrical airport productions. However, my main concern is commercial airliners all still have the on-board flight computers that allow aviation "officials" to fly the airplane remotely from the ground. So these traitors can still gas everybody on the plane, knocking them out or killing them, then fly the poor souls into a building.

When I became aware of the 9/11 treason I began sounding the alarm. My wife, like many duped Americans believed I was acting crazy. However, I kept hammering away with the facts. When I said I wanted her to take the train she did not object. She now knows I've been absolutely correct about filthy scum who attacked us on 9/11. September 11th should be renamed "Treason Recognition Day" where Americans take time to remember those sacrificed by filthy traitorous scum in false flag attacks. Ain't it funny how the traitors now want to move on real quickly away from the 9/11 attack? Have you noticed they say the war on terrorism is over now except with those terrorist American white Al Qaeda? You people are damn fools if you have not seen the truth yet. Some more of you are sure to be murdered later this year and there is nothing at this point that can be done to stop it. I'm hoping these will be the last deaths from false flag attacks and that the American public, and the rest of the world for that matter, wises up.


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