Saturday, June 02, 2012

Why Royalty Exists

Quite simply, kings, queens and other such nobility exist because enough of the rest of us still recognize them as such. This small number of people have had all the benefits in the world bestowed upon them and from where I sit the money and trinkets have done them little good.

My father use to tell me our family could be traced back to the Duke of Estrada in the twelfth century in Spain. Then before I could get use to the notion of being a descendent of royalty, my aunt Helena set me straight. She said he wasn't the Duke of Estrada. He was Duke Estrada. He was a diplomat involved in negotiations between Spain and England before the Spanish Armada ran into a bit of trouble. So Duke was not only a commoner but also a historically failed negotiator for the losing side.

Be that as it may, in a nutshell, the blue bloods still exist because their great grand daddies put together the biggest goon squad and stole everything they could get their hands on including the people and their land. Supposedly, most of us are free but the land is still in royal hands. Add to that the fact that we are taxed at crippling levels whilst the noble ones are exempt.

These few thousand individuals own most of the planet but as a group they are a rather crazy bunch with crazy ideas. They have secretly treated the rest of us as their lab rats and sex toys. Their solution to the masses discovering these crimes against us is to commit genocide against the masses. What can we do to stop them?

Share the earth. That will remove the wealth from the hands of these few thousand nuts and get it into the hands of millions, perhaps billions of hard working people who will put it to productive use. How do we do this? Simple! Tax all location value of the land that each and every one of us own including and especially the royalty. Now this tax would not be levied on the improvements to the land like houses. So for the vast majority of people their tax bills will go WAY down. There will be no more income, sales or other taxes based on labor output. Because outlying areas have poor location value, farmland would have little or no location tax value. There would be no way of evading this single tax so it would be broad based and easy to collect.

There are a million wonderful things I could tell you about going to this single tax. But here is the important things to remember.

Wealth = Labor + Land

By switching to a system of location value taxes on Land and eliminating Labor taxes on us commoners, because the blue bloods don't do labor, we make just hording Land so costly that the royalty would only be able to hold onto as much land as they could put into productive use creating wealth. The rest would go back to common people to put into productive use creating wealth. The reality we face today is too many people are blocked from having access to the land to be able to create enough wealth to live. Hell, under our current royal feudal set up we can't even improve our homes or add a room without having our taxes go up.

Read Henry George's masterpiece, "Progress and Poverty" then come back with questions on how we could implement this reform to save the people of the earth from being destroyed by the royal pain in the asses.


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