Sunday, October 09, 2011


When a crowd of protesters gather, there are always some that do not wish to have their behavior recorded. Naturally some of these people are just timid as well as fearful of government surveillance. However, others who seem to be giving direction to the crowd, become indignant if someone trains a video camera on them. What do they have to be afraid of?

Also there are masked people who sometimes commit acts of violence and property destruction. They obviously don't wish to be identified. Some are actual criminals but many are provocateurs on the payroll of the secret police. Protests make the government look bad. So the state employs provocateurs to make the other protesters appear bad by association as well as to give police reasons to crack down and break up the protests.

The fauxtesters have always been there. It's just that it's getting more difficult for them to do their work and slither away unnoticed with phone cameras, the internet and whatnot.

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