Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Underwear Bomber & Kurt Haskell

If you haven't heard of Kurt Haskell then you are probably up in years and still getting all of your information from the old guard corrupt media like the television networks and national newspapers.

Mr. Haskell explained what he witnessed regarding the underwear bomber to authorities and the media. These corrupt pillars of a dieing empire have done everything in their power to hide what Kurt Haskell saw before boarding the plane. He saw the bomber being aided onto the plane by a well dressed man with an American accent even though he didn't have a passport. The government has admitted they allowed the bomber onto the plane with what was apparently a fake bomb meant to give the excuse for the airport naked scanners and sexual molestations currently all the rage with the psychopaths desperately clinging to power.

When Mr. Haskell complained to a reporter that his words were twisted around by this reporter on the previous article to leave out important facts, this "journalist" promised to quote him correctly. Then in the article the lamestream writer simply wrote that Kurt Haskell would testify for the defense with a "wild story."

On the one hand this certainly is a wild story. It's a story of murder, deceit, treason, blackmail and all the deadly sins. This tale about a once noble republic of free people who were conquered by the foreign bankers and their lackeys in the various U.S. and other secret police organizations.

In this wild story still being written, the presstitutes in the mainstream media use the blackout as their first line of defense. When this line is breached, as with the underwear bomber case and Kurt Haskell's eyewitness accounts, then the second line of defense is deployed by the old guard dinosaur media. The presstitutes lie, omit key facts and use ridicule to make the truth seem too crazy to have really happened.

Usually these strategies have been sufficient to fool the American public into cooperating with the bankquistadors and their lackeys. But Kurt Haskell is a lawyer and an articulate man who will not be easily diminished or dismissed. The judge in this trial already seems to get what has been going on with the government entrapment of the dupe with firecrackers in his nickers. He will have Kurt Haskell as the only witness for the defense.

This case and the Fast and Furious ATF gun running case each have the potential to cause the whole house of government corruption to crumble. Eric Holder is defiant using a threatening tone in response to Rep. Issa's questions. I believe Holder is saying he will go after the 9/11 traitors in the previous administration for the mass murder they committed. But because Holder has not prosecuted the 9/11 treason he is guilty of misprision of treason himself at the very least. So all Eric will be doing is helping to pull the whole nest of vipers down with him.

To hell with them all as they are traitors to this republic! But to Kurt Haskell my highest commendations and best of luck to him in this struggle. If we had a few thousand more Kurt Haskell's in this nation we'd have already kicked the invading bankers out and routed the traitors from government. Follow Kurt Haskell here on his blog.

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