Thursday, October 13, 2011

Playing Monopoly With Herman Cain

Do you like playing this game? Everybody does from time to time. Still, though this can be a fun game to play at the beach on a rainy afternoon, it damn sure isn't a fair or effective way to run an economy.

Like the name implies, the idea is to gain a monopoly over the other players. This is accomplished by buying properties, improving that area then charging exorbitant rent to the other players unlucky enough to move onto your land. Once a block of properties is owned and monopolized by one player, that player puts hotels on them and effectively changes the value of the money. How is that?

Once those little plastic houses go up then so does the fee for anyone else to exist on these properties. The result is one must pay more of their monopoly money to exist while the flow of money being earned in the game may not match this increase. This is certainly the case for the poorest players in the game who are soon eliminated. Yes Monopoly certainly is a lot like life.

Though life and Monopoly have the same outcomes, the strategy is different in each case. Monopoly, as just stated, changes the value of money by increasing the rent costs to exist on a particular property in a certain region of the board monopolizes by a player. Life, on the other hand, changes the value of the money itself causing the prices for everything to increase or decrease. For Americans, this game has been going on for almost 100 years. Not monopoly - life under the Federal Reserve System. Since 1913, this private bank that has a monopoly over the issuing of all of our dollars, has increased then decreased the supply of dollars in the economy. That has caused price bubbles and busts that culminate in what is commonly referred to as the business cycle.

The average person just wanting to live life has secretly been thrown into a game of monopoly money. He hasn't a clue as to which way the supply of money is heading. People like Herman Cain are privy to that information. Just knowing if the supply of currency is rising or falling gives insiders in the game of life a distinct advantage. But life for Herman Cain is even better because they can create more monopoly money and lend it out whenever and to whomever they want with no strings attached. Former Federal Reserve Kansas City Director Herman Cain can be quid pro quo anointed with many financial opportunities that the public will never learn of as the dealing of the Fed are secret even from Congress.

Well the last thing America needs is the Federal Reserve Board monopoly money and Herman Cain for president. This bank is majority foreign owned meaning Cain is as well. Well I'm starting the Cain Mutiny! To hell with Herman and his Federal Reserve Board monopoly money!


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