Friday, October 14, 2011

Motivations For The Iranian War

If you want to know why we are headed into another war I'll give you some realities to think about besides the nonsense put out claiming Iran is murdering ambassadors in the U.S.

The most pressing issue is "Operation Fast and Furious." Holder and Obama need a diversion from that treason and they need it badly. The bankers and the weapons manufacturers need to sell bonds and bombs. In order to save the current establishment hierarchy, austerity will be necessary. That's simple math. The establishment requires a scapegoat for this and that would be Iran. The dollar and euro will continue to sink in value unless the just mentioned western oligarchy can make a grab for the Iranian oil to power the economy up with cheap stolen oil. The Saudis need a reason to murder the Shiite population in the east of the country currently rebelling. The Israeli government must get the millions of Israelis protesting in the street about the incompetence and corruption of said government, unified against a common foe. Finally, the top western elites don't care if this turns out to be WWIII because they have great bomb shelters and lots of supplies.

You can count on a least several million people being killed if these globalist minded idiots in DC, London, Tel Aviv, etc. get to go ahead with their hare brained scheme. Gasoline, if you can find it, will cost as much as ten bucks a gallon. The wobbly top that is our economy will be kicked over on its side. And the worst...? Lets just say you'd better head for the nearest mountain range and start digging. Bring lots of food and water for a long underground camping trip.

The entire affair is so unnecessary as well. If the majority of Americans would pull their heads out of that dark place and just have a look at the truth not aired over the enemy television networks then they would easily see that the jokers holding the levers of power are psychopaths, criminals and serial killers who really enjoy their work. They'd kill for the job. Most of them have already done so and they plan on doing so very soon in a big way if we let them get away with it. It's time people stopped the manipulated OWS nonsense and Occupy Reality Now. The elites have a plan for those young people in the streets and it's called Conscription. Why do you think they made you register for the draft? It's good that you are living in tents in New York. That will be your home in the army for as long as you live, which for many will not be long if we go to war with Iran and God knows who else.



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