Monday, October 10, 2011

Vietnam, Iraq & Afghanistan

These three nations have much in common. Mostly though what they have are natural resources and/or strategic locations.

All three have been at the business end of the U.S. led western war machine due to complete lies. First the U.S. network media in collusion with the CIA aired a tail wags the dog fabrication about our destroyer being fired upon in the Gulf of Tomkin. Over 50,000 dead GI's and several decades later the conspirators admitted they faked the whole thing. Nobody went to jail or was even reprimanded for that one.

Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. We're still in Iraq even though nobody but the most feeble believe the WMDs nonsense.

Afghanistan has the misfortune of sitting on a fortune in lithium, gold, silver and other valuable minerals as well as possessing strategic location. Therefore the most outrageous false flag deception ever conceived was undertaken by filthy un-American rogues within the CIA and other secret police agencies on September 11th. American troops still to this day occupy Afghanistan based on a monstrous lie. Not one single culpable individual has been tried, prosecuted or punished for the biggest crime ever. In fact many people have been murdered since 9/11 to cover up this crime of the millennium while the guilty and incompetent were rewarded and commended.

The only task left to do is for Americans to elect honest leaders who will use the abundance of damning evidence to prosecute the guilty. The mass murderers have remain free and dangerous. They would just as soon rip this nation apart now rather than pay for their crimes. In fact, that is what they plan on doing to save their yellow asses. Of course the foreign bankers love this as a divided America is part of their strategic maneuvering towards a world fiat currency controlled by them. The trouble is the people of this republic are figuring out the scheme ahead of schedule and are beginning to take counter measures.

So the bankers and traitors will have to stage something before next election or they are doomed. The guardians of the Constitution and the law, Congress, will be routed from office. With fresh leaders, untainted by 9/11, the crimes will finally be properly investigated. The rogues can't have that so expect an even bigger staged event than diesel fuel melting three buildings. It will be much tougher to pull off this time as so many former compartmentalized officials are wise to the term "false flag attack" and are watching for it - if for no other reason than they don't wish to die. They are outside the box and difficult to predict.

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