Saturday, March 19, 2011

Credibility Meltdown

This is the big one. The international corporate/banking thugs really hoped they could pull off another snow job. They used their total monopoly over the networks to oversimplify and minimize the dangers of radiation. FOX News is even resorting to the usual video trickery of showing old footage of the blown up plants praying the public doesn't notice.

The Japanese Prime Minister was overheard screaming at power company official demanding something be down or they could lose large parts of Japan. If they do not get these things snuffed out they could lose all of Japan, amigos.

This is by far a threat mostly to the Japanese. It's not as if a cloud of radiation will move into California and suddenly millions keel over from radiation poisoning. In Japan however, this is a real possibility. But it's not that type of threat here. Ann Coulter even swears a bit of radiation is marvelous for you. For Ms. Coulter time will tell how good being irradiated is for her. Has she left for California to meet the next more radioactive cloud set to begin arriving anytime now or is she remaining in the East giving radiation advice?

Ann, life has a way of paying you back for evil - even if you honestly didn't realize that you were doing evil. Don't be surprised if a few years down the road you develop one of the malignancies that you told others who trusted you would not affect them.

Here is as close to the truth as I can muster, amigos. A measure of radioactive fallout will reach our western shores and continue to do so for the duration these plants hurl it skyward. It will not be enough for an initial lethal dose and most people will never be bothered by it - especially older people. But for the young right down to and especially the fetus that's an entirely different matter. These tiny radioactive bullet can damage the DNA especially during the time when cells are dividing as is so often the case with the young. So if you can't get your kids and pregnant women out of the region for the duration of the threat then don't allow them to be contacted by the rain which may be radioactive. Be mindful of all food and fluids they consume because this is the worst threat.

As for the globalists hoping to cover it up here is their plan. First establish how much the public can figure out on their own despite the best efforts to hide the truth. Then put a nice shine on the story and let it out bit by bit so there is not a general panic. But this time their absolute power over information will most likely fail them forever destroying the credibility of the globalists and their network assets. What will happen if a million Japanese die from radiation poisoning and I don't mean in ten years from cancer? What if this is like Pompeii where most sat tight because the priests said everything would be fine? We should get a much better idea of the real dangers posed to Japan as soon as a weather front that will be blowing nuclear smoke up Tokyo's ass arrives in the next day or so.

What if it kills thousands of Japanese citizens and makes millions sick? What if the authorities know this but realize there is not enough time to evacuate millions safely from Tokyo? What will Americans do upon witnessing such carnage brought about by the hubris and collusion between corrupt government and the corrupt corporations and banksters controlling it? Time will tell.


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