Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How Were The Nazis Different From DHS?

In this Reality Report it shows the outrageous theft and abuse of rights under the Patriot Act. This can and will happen to you eventually if you sit on your ass and think this type of treatment will only happen to the "bad" guys.

It is exactly the same Nazi deal done initial just on Jews, Gypsies and commies. However, eventually everybody was doing and believing what they were told or faced the Nazi treatment as well.

The situation in fact is so exactly parallel to Nazi Germany that I think America is being setup to be taken down by the rest of the world just like the Adolph gang. First of all there is no dispute that the same cabal of foreign bankers bankrolled the Nazi takeover of Germany. Mein Kampf left no doubt what Hitler's plans were for the Jews either. So Rothschild, Rockefeller and the like knew who they were installing in Berlin and what his plans were. Once Hitler had done enough genocide the banksters did what they always get around to doing and double crossed the Führer.

Hitler's horrors were newsreeled into the movie theaters of America and our collective outrage was harnessed to crush the Nazis. Our government has done bad things to people - good people like on the video below, who's only offense was speaking truthfully of our Constitutional rights. But that isn't the half of it. The things done around the world such as firing at Iraq civilians, even hitting children, is done everyday in multiple countries. Today's newsreel, WikiLeaks, is showing the rest of the world what awful people Americans are doing these evil things like killing women, children and the old indiscriminately.

But here is what the bankers plan is. As usual they have instigated chaos which they want to lead to a greater worldwide conflict. On one side will be America and her remaining allies. On the other side will be the rest of the world including the Russians, Chinese, outraged Muslim nations currently being butchered and raped by our boys and now even the girls, and many others as well. Many of our former allies will not be there for us and will have ample reason. The world consensus will be that America is a rogue, Nazi-like regime that must be stopped.

But that is banker plan B. Plan A has America going for oil and minerals of the middle east including Iran. So either way the bankers always win.


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