Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Time To Start Listening To This Guy

I bet lots of people wished they'd have paid attention to Piers Corbyn's prediction that an earthquake and volcano would occur in Japan right before it did. Apparent, this really smart guy believes the earth gets hot or cold because of the sun and that the global warmists spout nonsense - a faux science easily dispensed with using real science - not political science.

He has a amazing track record for predicting quakes, volcanoes, bad weather, etc, by examining the discharges of particles from the sun that result from sun spot activity as well as lunar effects. Check out his recent video predicting a Japanese quake and volcano and pay particular attention to the picture of the sun. The sun is crazy active now spitting enormous amounts of charged particles and they are heading our way like space bombs.

The next super moon is the end of the week. Don't travel to the New Madrid fault region or the west coast amigos.


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