Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lying Geiger Counters

Who are you going to believe? Will you believe your government or will you listen to those lying Geiger counters. That's what it will come down to, amigos.

The vile, filthy, disgusting, unAmerican scum that is the heart of our government and the Japanese government have gotten away with lying to us for decades. The reason they continue to do so is they have been very successful - as quantified by the number of citizens that trust and still believe them.

It is why a fool on Facebook a week or so ago was deploying straw men to deflect and obfuscate the obvious scientific flaws in so many of the official fables of 9/11. Now I can't say for certain if he was a shill being paid by the traitors or if he was merely parroting the official fables he heard on TV. It was interesting to note that the others in this particular thread seemed to see clearly that this guy was uninterested in honest debate with many asserting 9/11 was an inside job.

Still, their is enough sort of technical questions about such things as the speed of a gravity free fall that cause most public school educated Americans to glaze over. In fact many flat-earth Americans believe that the planet has variable gravity with it ever changing speeds of free fall. It is not possible to debate or inform these dupes because they have no knowledge of even the vocabulary of what is being discussed.

Well that was yesterday. Like spiders and snakes, radiation is a boogie man everybody knows about and the vast majority of us prefer to stay way clear of any. So the main strategy these criminal governments deploy is to keep us in the dark while we were being irradiated accidentally or on purpose as with the nude scanners. We lab rats have been exposed unknowingly to radioactive contaminants since the criminals learned how to do so. Each new experiment or murder perpetrated by the global serial killers gave then more boldness to see what else they could get away with - what new risks they could sneak by the trusting public. That's over now with the reactors melting down in Japan.

The Geiger counter will prove two things - the amount of radiation actually being released from the crippled reactors and the vastness of the lies being perpetrated by the U.S. and Japanese governments to cover it up. There is a cover up because neither government will give the actual numbers for the radioactivity at the plants. They claim they don't know. POPPYCOCK!!! The U.S. government can read your car license plate from space so they know exactly what the levels of radioactivity are but choose to not release those numbers to the public claiming they don't know. The reason is the truth would lead to the demise of both governments overnight. So for now they lie.

The plume hits our shore during the next few days and thereafter for the foreseeable future. Despite distractions and other propaganda the American people have their heads up about this quagmire. There is no way to cover up the thousands of clicking Geiger counters going off in the western states. What's DHS going to do, outlaw them as illegal terrorist devices? No the truth will get out this time. Once millions of American parents realize these criminal governments have set in motion the death of so many of their children with these lies it will be over for the ruling scum.

This is the big one that the globalists didn't see coming and I believe it could be their undoing. So despite the destruction and pain on the Japanese people - nice bit of work God exposing the globalists' big lie with your earthquake and tsunami. Like variable gravity, expect the governments to use more of a sliding scale now when it comes to your being irradiated. Perhaps it will be included with the weather report - sunny today with a 50% chance of radiation exposure that will still not harm you one bit according to the scientists that discovered human caused global climate change.

But here is the truth. You take old guy like me and expose us to a bit of radiation that is not a lethal initial dose. It's probably not going to be the thing that takes me from this earth. I'll be 57 later this year. But the younger you are the more prone you are to radiation damage that shows up decades later as cancers. I'm glad my kids and my granddaughter are all here in the east. If any of my younger loved ones were out west I'd be trying to figure out how to bring them east. Finally, I'll be examining where my food comes from and that can't be good for the west coast economies. But that's not my problem - the health of my family is.


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