Friday, March 18, 2011

The Honesty Report

Well amigos, things are changing rapidly - more so each day. We are overwhelmed with information such as this nuclear meltdown situation that the government is saying is no danger to Americans 50 miles away or further. Who are we to believe?

If you are still getting any of your information from the mainstream media this would be a great time to break the habit. They are passivising you so you don't stampede. They've even sacrificed some of their big media mouthpieces like Anderson Cooper, Solidad Obrien and Dr. Sanjay Gupda by having them standing outside giving reports to calm the American herd. Expect to see these media dupes coming down with cancer in 10 or 15 years - mark my words.

Rather than listen to even one second of network reporting go to and get the truth from Alex Jones. Lew Rockwell is a brilliant mind regarding economics and monetary systems. Gerald Celente is an honest guy that uses his talents to see the truth to correctly predict the future. Max Keiser does several reports each week that I cannot possibly miss because besides telling the truth about the banksters he is a riot! Ron Paul's middle name is Earnest. That says everything about this great man of our times.

There are many other great honest intellectual thinkers that will tell you the truth. You can find them by first trusting the above gentlemen. They will lead us to honesty, peace and prosperity. The television will lead to our ruination.


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