Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Castro Can't Blame USA for Hijacking

Castro Can't Blame
USA for Hijacking

No he can't because he can't afford to give the hijackers a public trial. What really happened in Havana last week no one on this side of the Caribbean Curtain knows for sure. But it certainly was not a hijacking to the US. That flight would lead to a long jail term for air piracy. Something else definitely was going on. Maybe Castro will cut a deal with the conspirators for a show trial and a promise of leniency. But they would be stupid to follow through with any deal and should double cross the Castro boys and just tell the truth. It's their only chance of survival. Naturally the junta is already threatening their families with death and misery should they not cooperate. Was this some kind of coup? If they do have a trial no foreign observers will be allowed in for sure. They can't risk it in the event the defendants double cross Raul and tell the truth. So we'll get a final video edit complete with all the scenes the regime wants our side of the curtain to see and all the ones they don't conveniently deleted. So they can't blame the USA for this one...not without a good old fashion trial. A Cuban kangaroo court won't suffice for this scapegoating.


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