Friday, May 11, 2007


The house that you see there...
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Updated By mannymiami on March 27, 2004
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by mannymiami

The house that you see there with that big hole in the wall was ocupied by a family.These people had no running water ,so they had to collect water from a water truck that would come by every other day and then drag and carry there buckets up to there apartments. As far as the toilet system, everytime they went to the bathroom they would have to toss out there unwanted excrements through that big hole in the wall. It was shocking to see how these people live.Walking through the streets of Havana you can help to realize that the smells of excrements is in the air, only because the sewage system in that city is a disaster. Sometimes when I talk to people that are traveling to Cuba, I tell them to get away from the touristy areas and to go out and see for themselves the true Cuba. Thanks to the revolution full of lies, the revolution that was to help the people of Cuba , once one of the richest countires in Latin America and now the biggest Favela or Slum. Now I wonder, why is it that Varadero Beach looks like another country with all its modern amenities and luxury hotel and town houses???


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