Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Cuban Investment?

Cuban Investment?

By now investors in Cuban joint ventures, like Thomas Cook, Spanish hotel operators and Sherritt International, know they are in trouble. Here is why.

The trial lawyers are already circling Thomas Cook like buzzards on a dead carcass. Sure when the first cases of tourists receiving negligent treatment at the hands of their partner, the Cuban government, foreign companies might have been able to claim ignorance. Now, after a decade of ever declining horrendous "service" by the operators of tours to Cuba, these unscrupulous, greedy profiteers have no excuse. Manny Fontanova knows full well he is sending his clientel into a no fresh water zone in Cuba. Worse yet he conspires with his Cuban gang to hide this fact from the unsuspecting customers who are becoming sick in increasing numbers. From my little unscientific research I found that the people who seem to have the most fun in Cuba are the people who stay completely drunk while there. But do not let the percentage of alcohol in your stomach drop to unsafe levels or salmonella can easily take hold. Mind you - from what I reading from these tourist chat boards somebody is going to die. At anytime during this very day and everyday there ARE tourist sick in Cuba or at home having recently returned from Cuba then becoming ill. Everyday this continues Thomas Cook risks corporate suicide when one or more of their customers dies. Worst of all for their defense, I can prove they knew everything and did nothing. We warn you once again. Stop booking tours to Cuba before you kill somebody.

As For Sherritt International and the Spanish hoteliers, I've seen what you and your Cuban gang have done to the Cuban landscape and Cuban moral respectively. You have scarred the nation while exploiting Cuban slave labor. Dump as much cash and equipment as you wish into Cuba but you are very shortly going to lose everything. Your former fifty cents a day slaves will be the new owners of all your equipment. The maids, bellboys and waiters of the hotels will own an equal share of their tourist facility formerly owned by a Spanish investor, for another example.

Since you are soon to lose everything in Cuba and legally banned forever from doing business in Cuba again, wouldn't it be better to cut your losses? As it is now you are burning your bridges. If you pulled out now and made a public statement about your mistake, maybe Cubans would let you back into Cuba in the future. But you continue with your arrogant enslavement of the Cuban people then expect to be welcomed back in by the freed slaves? Get real! Divest now, admit your error publicly and contact us about reparations. You see unlike American slaves after the civil war, the Cuban slaves will control their government soon and their leaders will surely vote you off the island. Act appropriately now or suffer the consequences soon.


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