Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Trojan Horse Revolt

I've come to realize we have a Trojan Horse government appointed by the crime families to facilitate the take down of America. The Trojan Horse government has been gift wrapped by the Trojan Horse network media - also owned and operated by the attacking crime families. These crime bosses are mostly running currency operations through the central banks of the world, oil theft as well as being heavily into the sex slave market and other black market activities.

I suppose the difference between the original Trojan War and the current take down of America is today's attackers have bigger plans than the Greeks. The Greeks had one thing in mind with Troy - total annihilation. They did such a good job of it that for most of history Troy was only rumored to exist. The crime families don't wish to totally destroy us. They want to enslave us in a modern form of free range slavery except in cases where a particular slave disobeys or angers crime family members or their Trojan Horse government officials. In these cases the slave gets the old fashion plantation prison industry slavery. This is an unprofitable form of slavery compared to free range slavery but it is necessary nonetheless. Prison slavery is used to frighten the free range slaves into compliance as well as to constantly drive down their wages while competing in the marketplace against the prison slave industry. Wages have dropped so low in America and other western nation under the Trojan Horse attack that now the cops and other enforcers can only get by through corruption and shaking down the public.

The main reason I advocate a revolt against the crime families and their Trojan Horse government and media is we have been horse's asses. The Trojans were given their poison present as a deadly gift. Today's Trojan Horses we all get to pay for through our taxes and through the Federal Reserve system. The Federal Reserve was the main Trojan Horse the crime families slipped past the city walls. Once they secretly controlled the supply of money and credit they could manipulate the economy in their favor undermining an unsuspecting American public. They have been secretly rotting America from the inside while the people have been preoccupied with mindless distractions aided by a collage of toxic elixirs added to our food, drink and medicine.

One hope is that as people can no longer afford their mind fogging poisons like aspartame soda pops, we'll have a window of opportunity as people's thinking clears before the big attack by the crime families. It only takes a couple minutes to wise up if you think about it.


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