Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Total Social Collapse

It's happened before and it appears likely to occur again. The more complex the society the more likely a social implosion will be our fate. The unnatural reason for collapse is centralization of power. A huge asteroid could wipe us all out as it is. What I'm speaking of is societies that develop the situation where the rulers use too many resources to remain in power and neglect what is best for the society at large.

Once individuals are banned from doing what is best for themselves living is driven underground. The elites think they can have an orderly take down of western and other nations to consolidate their total control over the planet. Even if they were successful and consolidate their hold on the earth gaining total control it would not be long before in-fighting at the top would lead to war among the elites. The same thing happened to Rome.

Basically, when the ruling elites are spending all their time and our resources grabbing for power they neglect the needs of society for some future date that never arrives. Once the people reach a critical mass of desperation they are left with nothing to lose. We are fast reaching this Montezuma moment where the people no longer see their leaders as good and noble as well as everybody suffering economically. Once the mobs explode there will be no way to stop them. Gangs will form up for protection of what is left after the rioting in the cities. People will begin roaming in search of food, water and shelter. It means millions and millions of additional ways the government will not be able to control things.

The point is once a social collapse begins I can't say where it will lead except no more United States. While we are warring amongst ourselves we can be certain outside forces will take full advantage of the opportunity to extract whatever they choose from a divided America. We all have an excellent chance the rest of the world will be forcing us to pay restitution for our corrupt government's hegemonic behavior. The sky's the limit to how far we will fall.

It's a damn shame.


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