Monday, February 06, 2012

Loop Current Broken

Look at the data in the video below and it's clear to see that the loop current that use to flow by Florida and Cuba has been broken. Also notice that the eastern half of America has had just lovely weather while much of Europe has been hammered by what looks like our mid-western winters. Ocean currents are the result of several factors including density of the particular area of the ocean. I can't say what billions of gallons of BP oil in the Gulf will do except that it will change the density somewhat.

If the BP disaster was planned this could be an example of unplanned consequences for the globalists. Whether this was a staged event down in the Gulf to damage that part of America I can't say. However, I can say we had the first 3 cords of wood delivered here in December. We bought it so late because we still had a little remaining from last year and it was not cold enough most nights to burn a fire even into December. In my front yard we still have at least 2 1/2 cords of wood. Our electric heating bill is next to nothing. Our normal body heat, appliances, TV's, computers and such combined with a well insulated house with replacement thermal windows creates and keeps the place warm enough for us without added heating.

Meanwhile back at the European ranch across the pond everyone is freezing their asses off. Is this God's fault or the globalists' responsibility? I can't say but the result is in the socialist European nations where the government is often footing part or all of the heating bills the costs have soared as the temperature has plunged. All the while here in the U.S. where most folks pay for their own heat our cost has plummeted thanks to the balmy weather. How balmy? The last days of January my peach tree began bulging with blossoms and February 1 the first lovely pink one opened. Driving across the Bay Bridge I noticed lots of oil tankers lined up. Are the globalists having a hard time selling oil for some reason in America? The astronomically high prices at the pump have forced us to conserve severely dropping demand at the same time demand for heating oil has also dropped. The few global crime families obviously have bet on higher fuel oil prices but that is not happening.

The fact is if the crime families can't start a real or a fake war with Iran to drive the price of oil up and do so fast then the entire oily house of cards will collapse taking down the corrupt financial scheming along with it. Before they can permit this they will at least try to exercise the doomsday option which is nuclear war, pandemic or some other unimagined way to murder 5 or 6 billion of us while these crime families wait it out in their lovely bunkers.

All I ask of the Chinese is that they hold their fire until the global crime families finish shooting themselves in the foot. I ask the Russian to remain calm as well. Even though the crime families are promising you enormous profits for oil and gas if you go along with them just remember that they are inbred lying cutthroats. In fact, everyone on this planet with our competing interests should all agree about one thing. The global banking/corporate crime families are our mutual enemies. We all must put our competing interests aside and focus on the threat to us all. We all must join together to remove the scourge of these crime families from the earth forever.

I feel that we have all been played for suckers for too long. I believe our competing interests will even disappear altogether once we have removed this parasite class from our planet. Please join with me to eliminate the ones who have placed themselves above the rest of us.


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