Friday, February 10, 2012

Pity The Traitors

Boy oh boy do the U.S. usurpers have a tough job. They have been riding high in the saddle for so long herding the people like ignorant cattle. Thanks to the Internet it is easy to learn of the crimes that have been committed by virtually every top American official for half a century or more. Most of the herd remains ignorant but they are becoming uneasy. A growing minority of us however know pretty much all about the crimes committed by people we trusted and we are raising hell. The criminals have to shut us up but in such a manner as to not alert the herd that something bad really is happening and thereby cause a stampede. Only a few years ago silencing people was easy because so few knew the truth.

Now I am pleased to announce that we have reached a critical mass of aware, enlightened individuals who in addition can instantly communicate with one another over the Internet, phone, FAX and now we are even overwhelming the enemy in the traditional media arenas of TV, radio and print. Anytime the enemy tries to maneuver we catch them as with the MIAC report claiming law abiding Americans are now the terrorists and never once mentioning Al Qaeda. That brainstorm of a document was a fantastic recruiting tool. So the traitors are paralyzed looking over their shoulder and more insiders are coming out with the truth. In fact they have come to realize the way an insider stays alive is to spill their guts about everything they know as fast as they can over trusted alternative media outlets like,, Max Keiser, Gerald Celente, etc. Sadly, a few dupes still essential commit suicide by trying to go public with the corrupt old guard media who are controlled by the traitors.

The traitors are desperate to pull off something really big really soon but they still must use compartmentalized dupes to do it. The tough part for the traitorous vipers is they can't be sure who they can trust to do their dirty work anymore. That's what happened over PA when on 9/11 the fourth plane was shot down by a faction of the military not involved with the treason. Then these top military people were silenced by the traitors and the ignorance of that age that is now a bygone era. Today the traitors giving orders to attack the American people, AGAIN, may instead receive a visit from the military themselves. Even better, perhaps a general or admiral might suddenly appear on with incriminating evidence about what the traitors are demanding from the military.

Even if the traitors are successful pulling off the next filthy treasonous act against their own country and countrymen we have been sounding the alarm that they would do exactly that. So the next staged event may be the shot that sets off the herd into an angry mob seeking vengeance.


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