Saturday, July 16, 2011


I often hear, "why would the government stage a false flag attack?" Well, first you have to realize that our federal government has been hijack by foreigners and domestic traitors. Why they are doing this is for money and power. This is a big reason why the founding fathers were so concerned about power becoming centralized. It makes us easy to conquer since the attackers only have to take over the federal government and not 50 independent state governments operating in their own best interests.

These usurpers for example send a taxpayer funded $70,000 brand new diesel semi tractor trailer truck over to Iraq to protect our freedom. When it get a flat tire or needs an oil filter they don't have one so Haliburton simply burns the truck and orders another one.

How does this protect our freedom? Actually, this criminality undermines freedom. The debt debate currently is all the rage. It goes on day and night...from the left and right...they've got to fight fight fight. "MORE TAXES! NO! LESS GOVERNMENT CHEESE!" Half the people want to fire teachers, cops and firemen while slashing the salaries and benefits of the remaining ones. They want to cut off the poor and shove granny into the streets. But those at the end of a government paycheck, the poor and grandmothers across the nation feel taxes must be raised.

This is all nonsense! Both sides are wrong - as usual! People are being force fed two false choices that will actually make things much worse. Of course that's the idea when you're being sneak attacked. Even if occupying Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries militarily did somehow protect our freedom, is it wise to cut off the poor, crush the middle class government workers and shove granny into the street to pay for it? This is the stupidest policy ever in the history of the earth! Your fantasy world brought to you over the network TV has you hoodwinked if you think we have to be in the middle east fighting Islamic boogie men. Let me remind you that every one of those trucks that Haliburton burns in Iraq in one teacher's yearly salary.

So go ahead idiots and have your little sound bite fight over raising taxes or austerity. You all sound like another lite beer commercial.



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