Sunday, July 10, 2011

Eric Holder - Gun Runner

Apparently Eric Holder is directly in the cross hairs of "Operation Fast and Furious" that shipped guns to the Mexican drug gangs to cause chaos south of the border. What will become of Eric?

He claims he knew nothing about the ATF gun running operation but his emails show he is a liar. Now that agency is trying to say it was all a big mistake but their hearts were in the right place. But why would Eric claim ignorance if it was a mistake? The traitors may expect Eric to fall on his sword for team but there is a problem with that notion.

You see amigos on the one hand Eric is a sniveling coward who will not go down easy for this one. He was intimately involved in the burning to death of those women and children in Waco and of course he was one of the masterminds in the Oklahoma bombing and cover-up that was blamed solely on just one of his co-conspirators Timothy McVeigh. So a weakling such as Eric is sure to already be warning the others in the gang that if he goes down then he'll bring everybody down with him for these crimes.

Therefore, do not be surprised to see Eric another victim of suicide by proxy.

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