Monday, July 11, 2011

Playing Us All For Fools

This is the basic attack strategy of the foreign invaders and the domestic traitors who are taking America down at this very second. Every situation in life comes down to a choice of to be or not to be. Yes or no. I'm in favor of it or I think it should be banned.

Since none of us can be experts on everything, there is much we don't know of personally. One may never have handled a gun or been seriously in need of one, yet feel perfectly qualified to say they must be banned. Drugs not approved by the just mentioned bankster oligarchy will get an individual prison time just for possession. Interestingly, these private prisons are also owned by those very same banksters and they're paying twenty-five cents an hour. In the highly bankster strangle economy there are but so many jobs. If several million of those jobs are being performed for twenty-five cents an hour, do you believe this will help raise our wages and jobs prospects or will it lower them? All of this outright royal tyranny yet most people still have not even taken the devil drugs that they want their fellow man thrown into the dungeon for using.

Just these two social issues are a bonanza for the banksters. Initially it was just drugs and the patriotic gun lobby was on board with the program. Now that it is the gun owners who are being demonized they should take a step back and think about the big picture. "Operation Fast And Furious" is no less than a false flag attack on Americans at the other end of the guns that the ATF sold to violent criminal gangs knowing full well that they would be used to murder people including Americans. It is becoming fully clear who and what were to be blamed for these attacks - gun owners and the Second Amendment.

Look amigos - it comes down to this. People will take away your rights if they feel your liberty somehow threatens them or their property. Guns are a perfect example. Most people don't own a gun or are unaware of the move to confiscate their guns and criminalize another thing that can't be possessed. Guns will be forbidden fruit and only the government shall be allowed to possess them. Of course millions of gun owners are saying, "Are you out of you mind?" Now that the gun owner lobby is getting the demon treatment they know how drug law violators felt for committing their acts of individual liberty.

Guns and drugs are run across the border admittedly by the very government that will put us in prison just for possessing them. They count on our personal ignorance of them to divide and now to conquer us. We are being played for fools.

We must unite to defeat the banksters. The act of possessing any firearm for personal defense including fully automatic weapons should not be illegal. We have a right to life which means nothing if we can't defend it against criminals including corrupt officials. Likewise we have a right to liberty which means to do as we like with our time and body because they were loaned to us by the creator for each of us individually to decide how to use in. So even though the act of possessing a drug will cause others no harm per se, most people are fine with jailing others for simple possession. When a reefer is let up no others are harmed by this act of individual liberty but it could lead to years in prison. Wacovia Bank was just caught moving billions in illegal drugs but were only fined less than one percent of the profits on those drugs.

All of this nonsense goes on yet real crime goes unpunished and the bankster controlled Wall Street/London government likes it that way. It is easier to herd terrified, ignorant sheep with no principles than to do so with free men and women. Free men and women have a simple yet firm code of behavior that has served us well for hundreds of years. As long as your private actions do not cross the line and affect the liberty of others then you should be left alone by the government. No one including and especially the government or the banksters should be allowed to act out violently or fraudulently against other individuals. If violence is called for it is only to be used to protect people and their property from harm. That requires actual damage not perceived damage that might happen maybe in the future. A society of free men and women need not fear the liberty of other free men and women. We'd be armed and better protected from criminals operating independently as well as those organized such as in the mafia and the government. With the courts no longer jammed with nonsense trials over illegal vegetables, chemicals and increasingly gun owner cases, the judicial branch would be well equipped to handle real cases where Americans are actually damaged by others.

Things have never in the history of the universe harmed others. Others have used things to harm people or we have harmed ourselves with things. If people believe banning the things that could be use to harm them or themselves then they will remain fools easily enslaved. There are just too damn many things. Violent or fraudulent behavior is quite another thing. Free men and women would concentrate on that while defending the rights of others to do things that they would not necessarily choose to do themselves.


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