Friday, July 15, 2011

Fast And Furious Excuses

If I hear one more congressman refer to Operation Fast And Furious as a "mistake" I'll scream. In fact, any congressman who claims such nonsense is a treason enabler. This AFT gun running operation was no mistake. I'm not even sure if the scoundrels are sorry they've been caught. The traitors are still not cooling their jets in a prison cell.

These snakes may very well get away with another outrage with this gun running act of war against both the American and Mexican people. After all, what's a nation of people to do when the head cops are a gang of murderous crooks? However, for this next Pyrrhic victory the traitors to America will lose the nation's rank and file police officers. Do you bloody tyrants actually believe you can be responsible for murdering 3 border cops, so far, and keep law enforcement in your hip pocket?

Either way, the people win this one. Even if Eric Holder is not dragged before one of our corrupt courts for some semblance of justice, the cops on the beat now realized they will be snuffed out when it suits the schemes of the ruling class. Once the police have joined the people, how long will the criminals in high places be pushing us around?

Police would be wise if they took a good long look at the events that happened on 9/11 and pay particular attention to what the over 1200 architects and engineers have to say about the official story. Everybody knows a bunch of cops and firemen had their lives snuffed out that day as well. Only now is it becoming apparent that the traitors responsible for that treason are the same scum who've been running guns to the Mexican drug gangs to sow even more chaos.


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