Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Big Media Blackouts

The big media, which in reality is one entity under the total control of our ruling oligarchy, has for years uniformly not covered a number of stories. Everyday they do not cover more and more news. The result for most Americans has been the news that is not covered did not happen as far as they know. Even if they may have heard rumor of this story or that they will refuse to believe it if the news is not on the news.

However, this situation is changing mostly due to the Internet. That is why another story not covered by the media is very important. At this very moment a cowardly Congress conspires to seize control of the Internet using the excuse of national security. Where have we heard that excuse before? Now there is even a website that documents all the biggest stories blacked out by the big media. Even so, I believe the Congress is shutting a gate after the livestock has already escaped.

News happens even if the big media ignores it to promote an agenda. Naturally, for the individuals that witness a story the situation is very real. We are a species of story tellers. We have for eons told each other what we witnessed and it has served out purposes to aid our survival. Knowledge is power. So when witnesses see with their own eyes a police officer telling them that we are no longer in America they get upset and feel they must tell fellow Americans. In the old days that meant a few friends and family while the big media was distracting the vast majority of Americans with other steering stories. With the revolution in information technology the truth now is getting out. Today virtually for free, individuals can capture this story on high quality video then upload it to Youtube for the world to see. The result is this shocking story not covered by the big media.

The first time a big story is not covered and an individual learns the truth despite the blackout, that individual never again holds the big media in the same light. Further undermining the big media's credibility is that individual begins from there forward looking elsewhere for more reliable information.

The end result is citizen media. This is what I watch to get my news. In fact I am one of the millions of citizen journalists replacing the old big media deceivers. The timing for the big media couldn't be worse. They are still trying to sell us BS when all the while the truth is available for free over the Internet. So they have not noticed as they yammer on about the stories they mean to distract us with that we are no longer paying attention to them. This is especially true the younger you are. Most young people have never even seen one news program. They are already well versed in getting the news over the Internet. Everyday older people join them when they see the truth on the web while the big media pretends it didn't happen. Imagine how shocked millions of law abiding citizens were to learn they had been labeled as possible domestic terrorists by homeland security? Then contemplate how shocked they became when this story was blackout out and remains blacked out by the big media for the most part?

So keep lying fools. All you ever had to sell depended on your credibility. Today if you are not lying to us directly or hiding the truth through omission, then one of your sponsors is boring us to death with one of their lying commercials. The big media has become cave paintings in the modern world. They tell us how it use to be.


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